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apeman dash cam

APEMAN Dash Cam Reviews (2021)

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Even a few years ago, Dash cams were only used by the drivers of the race car, police officers, or by those who posted their reckless driving videos on YouTube. But in today’s world, dash cams have become a popular and compulsory device for everyday driving. Dash cams help in looking for the potential threats or hazards on roads, just like an additional pair of eyes. In case any unavoidable accidents happen, it also records the entire incident without failure, which later acts as evidence of the mishap.

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Apeman dash cams are nothing but little gadgets that can be fixed to the car interiors for safe driving experience and greater security. If you have never used any dash cams from Apeman before, then it is high time to buy one today. These cameras offer complete peace of mind while driving as they help to settle the insurance claims in case any accidents happen. Now among the various models of dash cams from Apeman, we have selected the top 5 with the best build quality and features. 

Reviews of APEMAN Dash Cam

1. APEMAN C450

Apeman C450 comes with an LCD 3-inch screen that records a video in 1080 pixel resolution at 30fps. It is one of the most basic level models in the Apeman series of dashboard cams. The 170-degree wide-angle lens offers a greater view of the roads ahead, including the license plates of the cars. 

The WDR feature balances the bright light during daytime and low light in the night time. The camera delivers clear videos and images, even in low light surroundings. The upgraded 6G lens of Apeman dash cam C450 includes a highly sensitive night vision. 

The in Built G sensor captures unanticipated accidents or sudden collisions by recording a video and locks it in a separate file for protection against overwriting with other recordings. The lens will automatically begin recording when it detects a moving object within 3 meters within its vicinity. Once the 32 GB SD card is full, the old unlocked videos will automatically be deleted and overwritten by the newly recorded ones. 

Moreover, this feature allows you to continuously capture every moment of accident or driving without any interruption. The device is also simple to set up. All you have to do is just mount the two suction cups on the dashboard and the window and plug it in. The camera is ready to operate.

The camera delivers 12 MP full HD videos along with 4032 X 3024 photos. The big aperture of this gadget even shoots the blind spots to offer you comprehensive recordings. Apeman is so sure of this product that it comes with a 45 days money back policy and a 12-month replacement of the device due to any quality problems. In all the leading online selling platforms, users have given 4 out of 5 stars for the Apeman C450 review.


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2. APEMAN C860

This Apeman dash cam with 1080p rear and 1440 pixel front dual lens, the device is fitted with high-resolution cameras to offer you all-round video protection when you are driving. The single-cam records 2688 X 1520 pixel resolution at 30 FPS max to provide you outstanding visual experience and a high-quality picture. 

The IPS 3 inch high definition screen covers a huge display area with 170 degrees viewing angle and enhanced clarity of each detail during your driving. The screen also adjusts the brightness while monitoring different directions, also the blind spots. The switching of the front and rear display and picture in picture mode forms a safe team along with you on your road trips.

Moreover, the Sony IMX335 sensor of both the lens of Apeman C860 balances the dark and bright areas of the recorded video with the help of a high-end night vision feature. With six glass lenses, WDR facility, and F 1.8 aperture, the device offers high-level safety in the car due to detailed and clear visual recordings. 

The pre-installed G sensor instantly detects any sudden acceleration or collision in and around the car and immediately locks the accident footage. With an exclusive emergency lock system, the recent recording will be locked from the starting till 20 seconds after the vibration as the evidence. You can also adjust the sensitivity so that it will not start recording with a slight jerk. 

The frame rate of the camera can be changed from 30 to 60 fps, but that might alter the quality of the recordings. The gadget is hassle-free to install and operate. The videos can also be compressed with the H.265 encoding feature so that the captures will take less space in the 128 GB SD card.


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3. APEMAN Mini C420

Apeman C420 contains a high tech video processor that keeps a tab on all the recordings in 1080 pixel resolution at 30 FPS. Thanks to its advanced Sony Starvis sensors, WDR technique, and F 1.8 aperture, this device can get detailed proof of the accidents in full HD even in low light circumstances. The LCD 2-inch screen comes with a 170-degree glass lens with wide-angle coverage that monitors up to 3 lane road without any blind spots.

The device also provides all-time anti-theft protection as it records everything whenever a car detects a movement or a collision. It locks away the evidence video in a secured file to defend your legal rights while claiming insurance. It prevents the video from being overwritten with new files when the micro SD card gets full. 

The package comes with complete accessories set to immediately install the gadget and start using it. The latest version of firmware is installed inside the dash cam for superior night vision. Apeman mini C420 can work at a temperature from -10 to 60 degrees Celsius. This is the only device in our list, which is so easy to use that it can be operated by the elders as well as kids. 

This is the smallest model in the Apeman series of dashboard cameras with only 2 X16 inches of dimension. The suction cup is extremely adjustable to move it to the best angle and strong to support the device well.


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Will you have complete peace of mind if you have two dash cameras in place of one to guide you while driving? Well, Apeman C550A is fitted with 720 pixels back end and 1080 pixel front end camera. The cameras come with wide 170 degrees for front and 130 degrees for rear viewing angle that covers clear monitoring of even three-lane roads without any dead spot.

Even in the dark nights, the device will record the number plates of the cars behind and ahead of your vehicle clearly. Information related to driving like latitude, longitude, and speed can be recorded in the alternative GPS antenna, which is not provided with the package. The IPS screen records a larger area with the best focus to offer you a mind-blowing visual experience. 

The inbuilt G sensor records sudden driving accidents as proof. The recorded video gets locked in a file without the fear of being overwritten by the new ones when the micro SD card becomes full. The rear view cam also includes high standard water resistance, which will capture every footage even during heavy rains.

When C550A is used with a hardware kit, it will provide 24 X 7 X365 days parking monitoring protection. Whenever the car gets bumped or hit by something, this dashboard camera will switch on automatically, record the video, lock it in a secured file and save it as evidence. 

Moreover, there is a 2-inch discreet screen with a 6G lens and an F 1.8 aperture that records everything at 30 FPS. The device supports up to 128 GB of micro SD card, but it is not included in the package. This camera is not so flexible like the other models of Apeman, but it can capture video from every angle. 

This gadget comes with a sticker to mount in place of a suction cup to save the space, making it convenient to hide behind the rear view mirror. We would suggest testing out the device to avoid any glare from various angles. So that excessive sunlight will not create a problem reading a license plate.


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5. APEMAN C580

Apeman C580 captures sharp videos of the road ahead in 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution at 30 FPS. The footage shot does not include any blind spot due to a 170-degree viewing angle. The IMX323 Sony sensor also offers state of the art video quality both at day and night time by adjusting the dark and bright lights. The WDR technology and F 1.8 aperture allow the device to perform excellently even in dim light surroundings.

The 2.5 inches IPS screen creates colorful reproduction of the video from each angle. Also, the corresponding device is much more stable and quicker than the previous models. There is an inbuilt Wi-Fi feature that allows you to share incredible videos of your road trip directly on the social media accounts through Final cam application.

The installation of this device is also easy with a sticker mount of 3M and cable clips. The motion detection and parking guard protection keep an eye on your car when you are not around. It will automatically begin a video recording when it detects something unusual or will feel a collision. 

The G sensor protection will instantly lock the recorded video footage into a secure file to protect it from the feature of continuous recording. You can later share this video to the police, insurance provider, or your family as evidence. The streamlined design hides this camera perfectly behind the rear view mirror of the car without distracting the line of sight.


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apeman dash cam 1080p

Below is the detailed comparison of the important features of all the above mentioned dash cams of Apeman.


Type of camera:

Video Resolution:

Installation method:


Type of screen:

Wide angle:


Wi-Fi and GPS:

Recommended SD card:



1080 Pixel Full HD

3M sticker and suction mount

Starvis Sensor

3 inch LCD




Class 10 32 GB


Rear and front

1440 p QHD and 1080 p Full HD

3M sticker and suction mount

Sony IMX335

3 inch IPS

170 (double lens)



Class 10 32 GB but expandable up to 128 GB

Mini C420


1080 Pixel Full HD

suction mount

Starvis Sensor

2 inch LCD TFT




Class 10 32 GB


Front and rear

1080 p and 720 P Full HD

Suction mount

Gravity sensor

2 inch IPS




Class 10 32 GB




3M sticker and cable clips

Sony IMX323 sensor

2.45 inch IPS



Yes for Wi-Fi

Class 10 32 GB

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1) How to power a dash cam?

Most models of Apeman dash cams come with an inbuilt battery as the power source. Some models can also be recharged through an outlet of 12 volts inside the car itself.

  • Q2) Does a Dashboard camera record all the time?

Well, technically, the answer is no. The device usually works when the user is driving. It starts recording when the engine is turned on and stops when it is powered off. However, if it detects a collision or a crash, it will automatically start recording and save the video of the accident in a separate file.

  • Q3) For how many hours can an Apeman dash cam records?

The time of the total hours of recording depends on the settings of the model. But with the maximum capacity of the memory card, it can record up to 4 hours straight. There is no need to erase the files of the memory card in this device. With a loop recording facility, it will overwrite the old ones with the newly recorded videos. 

  • Q4) For how long can the battery of the device last?

The battery of most of the dash cams is not meant to power the camera. It is meant for saving the last recorded video in a file when the car is turned off. The dash cams from Apeman always come with a power source inbuilt battery.

Final Verdict

Now that we are at the end of this review, we would suggest buying a dash cam that includes a superior viewing angle and a good capture detail. You can also save money with Apeman dash cams that come in an affordable budget. Getting any of the above-mentioned models of dashboard cameras will ensure high-quality recording features. 

So, that is all for today, do tune in next week for more reviews like this.

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