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5 Best Ways to Install a Kill Switch Car in Your Car (Anti-Theft)

No matter how careful we are, there is always a risk of our being stolen. It might seem too scary to think of but on average, there are hundreds of cars being stolen every day all around the world. However, there are multiple precautionary measures you can take to protect your vehicle from such circumstances. … Read more

Can I Send Dash Cam Video to the Police?

Can I Send Dash Cam Video to the Police

Can I Send Dash Cam Video to the Police? You might already know by now the purpose of a Dash Cam and what it is installed for in your vehicle. If you are new here, well Dash Cams are here to protect you and record evidence under many difficult circumstances. It could be an accident … Read more

Best Anti Theft Dash Cam – Find your In-Car Security System

Best Anti Theft Dash Cam

We all know that no matter where we go or do anything, there is always a risk of losing your most prized possession. No matter your car is locked, there are multiple ways that the thieves can get hold of your laptops, cameras, or anything they can steal. But, we can get the best Anti-Theft … Read more

3 Best Dash Cam for HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle)

It is not an easy task to work in the transportation industry especially when you are driving a heavy good vehicle for hours. You need a device that can be trusted and give you a sense of security under any circumstances. So, we have gathered a list of the Best Dash Cam for HGV or … Read more

Best 360 Degree Dash Cam – In Depth Guide

Why settle for less when you can have all the major features in a single Dash Cam. When we talk about features, we mean a 360 degree view of everything around you to be on the safest side. So, we did a little digging on the web and came up with a well-curated and reviewed … Read more

Best Battery Operated Dash Cam 2022 – Reviewed

Many times people are confused about whether they should go for a Battery Operated Dash Cam or a capacitor-powered camera. If you are the one who has made up your mind and are looking for the best Battery Operated Dash Cam, you might have landed just in time and at the right spot. Well, we too have … Read more