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Best Battery Operated Dash Cam 2022 – Reviewed

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Many times people are confused about whether they should go for a Battery Operated Dash Cam or a capacitor-powered camera. If you are the one who has made up your mind and are looking for the best Battery Operated Dash Cam, you might have landed just in time and at the right spot.

Well, we too have been searching all over the web to find the perfect pair for ourselves too. There are hundreds of options available and it surely isn’t an easy task. But you may not have to worry about it anymore and search the entire web. Rather we have curated a small list of cameras covering everything you need to know. Make sure you go through each of them and choose one for yourself based on all the factors.

Let us look at the list of the Best Battery Operated Dash Cam.


It is perfect for Uber, Lyft, and rideshare drivers that can record passengers well in the dark. Also, it is highly durable and sturdy too.

Affordable and easy to install

Built-in GPS technology

It is rather expensive


This dash cam features 24-hour motion-activated parking modes. Also, we have 4 IR LED lights for better video captured in dark.

Exceptional Night Vision

Features Audio Recording

GPS is optional


It is one of the best 4K Dash Cam available on the web. Furthermore, you can make the best use of a 3 inches touchscreen display.

Easy to connect to smartphones


No dual camera is available

Benefits of Using Battery Operated Dash Cam

Before we can even look at the list, you might want to check out the benefits you can get from installing such cameras in your vehicle. Here are a few to look at.

  • Battery-powered Dash Cams provide longer life
  • It is cheaper than the capacitor dash cams
  • It can hold a massive quantity of charge
  • It stays on for as long as required and loses charge slowly.
  • Highly reliable for long term

5 Best Battery Operated Dash Cam of 2021

Now, we know the need for a rechargeable dash cam and how it cna benefit you, especially for emergency recordings. Here is the curated list you can check out.

1. Rove R2 - 4K Dash Cam


Resolution: 1080P  Screen: 2.0 inches Storage: up to 128GB supported GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: No

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The first one on our list is one of the best battery operated Dash Cam you might come across on the web. The Rove R2 Dash Cam is everything you need and is looking for with all the features. To start with, the camera is super easy to set up. You can not only keep an eye on the front of the road but also on the inside of the car.

It is a perfect fit for all the commercial vehicles such as those used for Uber and Lyft where you can record the passengers as well for safety purposes. The camera brings an exceptional 1080@30fps video quality where the front camera can easily capture the images of license plates even at high speed. Moving on, this camera has an in-built Sony Sensor and infrared light that helps to capture stunning videos and images even in the dark.

For better proof for the insurance company, the use of built-in GPS technology comes in handy. It helps to record the speed, traffic, location, and much more with the exact timestamp that can be used as evidence. Also, this camera setup features a 24/7 parking mode that can capture 19 minutes of video when fully charged and works on battery all along for emergency recording.

2. Vantrue N2 Pro


Resolution: 1440P + 1080P  Screen: 1.5 inches Storage: up to 256GB supported GPS: Yes (optional) Wi-Fi: No

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Next up, we have Vantrue N2 Pro, one of our favourites in this list, not only because the overall quality is brilliant but also since it is highly reliable too. This dash cam is capable of capturing and recording videos in 2.5K resolution while recording in the front, bringing in the best quality in any light conditions. Also, you have the option to save some battery power and switch it to a smooth 1080P resolution as well. With the help of an amazing image sensor, you can get clear pictures even in the dark.

Moving on, we consider this particular dash cam to be a perfect fit for all the Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare drivers. As we mentioned, the internal camera features 4 IR LED lights capable of capturing exceptional video footage. It sounds perfect especially at night when you are having passengers in the cab. Moreover, you can find the best Battery Packs For Dash Cam here for longer usage.

Also, the Vantrue N2 Pro gives you 24-hours motion activated parking mode. It helps to record and auto-start the camera as soon as it detects a collision. The best aspect of this mode is that it works even when your engine is off and uses the battery power to record in case of an emergency. Other than this, some other features you will find here are Loop recording and G-sensor. Unlike any other camera, you can buy up to 256GB of Storage card to save videos.

3. IIWEY Dash Cam


Resolution: 4K  Screen: 3 inches Storage: up to 256GB supported GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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If you haven’t yet tried out the IIWEY Dash Cam, this might be something you need to look into. It is an incredible set of Dash Cam that is also very easy to mount on your windshield. You can use it to capture and record the vehicles in front of you. All the videos and images captured are of 4K resolution that is ten times better than the 1080P resolution cameras.

Not only this, but you can easily capture the license plates with absolute clarity and use them as evidence during insurance claims. The SONY IMX335 STARVIS image sensor is one of the best you will come across in other cameras. It brings in the Super Night Vision Technology where you can take much clearer images and videos even in the pitch-black darkness around your vehicle. In fact, the 170° wide angle covers a massive area around your car and not just the front.

Another incredible feature that we love here is the user-friendly IPS Touch Screen that can be used to control everything about the device. Also, you can connect your smartphones to the device using the in-built wifi connectivity. Furthermore, we have GPS technology as well that will help you to keep track of your location, show routes, and also display the current speed on the screen.

4. Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam


Video Quality: 4K Screen: NA Image Sensor: 8MP (Front) & 2.1MP (Rear) CMOS GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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We have one of the best Battery Powered Dash Cam as the best 4k Dash Cam that has almost similar yet an incredible set of features as that of IIWEY Dash Cam. This dual camera setup is highly compact which makes it very easy to install. You can get the dual camera setup for the front and the rear side of your car. It brings in 4K resolution in the front and 1080P on the rear side. You can make the switch too for a much smoother recording process.

The super night vision allows capturing everything around you in low-light environments. Also, the camera broadens its areas and captures 170 degree (front) and 150 degrees (rear) angles. You might also love the 3 inches touchscreen that helps you take control without involving any buttons whatsoever.

To add more, we have built-in GPS and Wifi technology that provides you real-time location as well as the speed at which you are driving the car. The Wifi technology allows you to record and save all your videos directly on your smartphones. In fact, you can share it too on your social media through the mobile app.

5. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam


Resolution: 4K Screen: 2.4 inches Storage: up to 512GB supported GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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Lastly, we have the Rove R2 dash cam that also fits right in the budget and can be easily installed on your car windshield. Unlike others, this is a single front dash cam that captures images and records videos of the vehicles in front of you. Well, this device is capable of recording the best quality videos with 4K resolution.

It also features super night vision technology that helps to capture clearer images and videos in low-light conditions or even in the dark. Moreover, this battery-powered dash cam has a built-in Wifi through which you can connect your smartphone directly. With the help of the Rove App, you can easily manage all the recordings on your devices.

Similarly, the built-in GPS function also comes in handy that tells you the current location and also the speed of your vehicle. All of this can be viewed on the display or on your smartphone app along with Google Maps route to give you accurate direction. You might also love some added features here such as motion detection, parking mode, G-sensor, and much more.

Buying Guide – Best Battery Powered Dash Cam

Now, before we can summarize everything we have reviewed, you need to look at the buying guide and then come to a conclusion. This guide will help you understand what you are looking for and much more.

1. Video Resolution

The first feature that any potential customer might look for before buying a dash cam has to be the Video Quality or the resolution. Whether the main purpose is based on budget or battery, video quality surpasses all. As per our research and review, we will recommend you to buy a dash cam that has at least 1080P resolution and nothing short of that. We have listed multiple dash cams that feature 4K video resolution that gives the best quality within a decent price range.

2. Image Sensor

Next up, we have the image sensor that enhances the quality of the videos and images captured. Most dash cams feature Sony Sensors that bring in better picture quality in the low-light conditions that are brilliant for personal car owners as well as for ride-share drivers that can keep track of all the passengers at night and keep evidence if anything goes wrong. Make sure to choose a decent enough sensor that can fully fill such aspects.

3. Storage

Most of the dash cams you will come across do not have enough capacity to save videos all day long. Hence you need an SD card that can save all your files with ease. Some packages might include while some may not. You can easily get a Class 10 SD card with up to 256 GB storage or any of the dash cams depending on their maximum capacity overall.

4. Budget

Now, we all know that battery operated Dash Cams are well within the budget. As compared to capacitors, these are easily available in a good price range and you can choose one for your car too. Since it all comes down to budget, you can set up a limit and go with it as per your need. Simply filter out any option out of your budget and proceed with the others.

Closing Thoughts

Here we go!! You can simply go through the list of the best battery powered dash cams we have curated and select one for yourself. Well, the selection hasn’t been easy since there are hundreds of such devices. However, we have kept the list short to make it easier for you to go through each of them and make the right choice for your vehicle.

Since we are here mostly looking for rechargeable dash cams, you can get a longer usage time in parking mode. Moreover, such dash cams are highly reasonable when it comes to pricing so that anyone can afford them in the long run.

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