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Best 360 Degree Dash Cam – In Depth Guide

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Why settle for less when you can have all the major features in a single Dash Cam. When we talk about features, we mean a 360 degree view of everything around you to be on the safest side. So, we did a little digging on the web and came up with a well-curated and reviewed list of the best 360 degree dash cams.

You will mostly come across cameras that have around 150 or 170 degree views from their front or rear dash cam. But to get the most and the best out of these recordings and use them as evidence, having a 360 degree view remains unbeatable. But, there aren’t a lot of good cameras in the market, and so it took us weeks to come to a certain limited list that might be just the right fit for you.

Let us dive into the list of the best 360 degree dash cam.

Benefits of Using 360 Degree Dash Cam

Before we can simply move over the list, you might want to know the benefits you can get from using a 360 degree dash cam rather than any normal camera. Here we go.

  • Captures events from all angles.
  • Covers a much wider area
  • Provides more reliable proof or evidence
  • Gives an excellent parking support

3 Best 360 Degree Dash Cam in 2021

1. RAZO DC3000A d’Action 360


Resolution: 4K  Screen: NA Camera View: 360 Degree GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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The first one on our list is RAZO DC3000A d’Action. The name speaks for itself on its reliability and how it perfectly fits being the best 360 degree dash cam you have been looking for. It is highly compact and easy to install on your windshield. Simply go through the instructions and within minutes you will be able to start capturing videos through it.

The best part of this camera is that it can record the entire 360 degree view in 4K resolution all throughout giving you the best quality all over. The Drive Action recorder makes it easy to record everything in and around your car within the 360 degree angle. You can get the optional parking mode that needs to be purchased separately. Other than this, it has a Sony Image Sensor that can even function perfectly well in low-light conditions.

This dash cam has both Wifi and GPS functions through which you can connect your smartphone with the device. From managing the camera to storing and sarong files has never been easier. Also, the GPS function simply adds more to it and gives you the accurate speed of the car, route, direction, and much that you can monitor from the smartphone.

2. Rexing V360


Resolution: 2K Screen: 3 inches Camera View: 360 Degree GPS: No Wi-Fi: No

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Next up, we have Rexing V360. It falls within an affordable option you can consider and have features that might suit you well. Rexing is also one of our favorite brands when it comes to buying a dash cam. The amazing V360 is amongst the best they have for a 360 dashcam. Unlike other cameras, it includes a rear camera as well that works as soon as you put your car in back gear.

This dash cam has a 3-inch touch display that also switches to the rear camera display to help you park your car and show you the guide-line for safe parking. Also, you can use the touch display to monitor your camera and manage the settings as required. Moving on, the front 360 degree car dash camera not only captures and records the front of your car but also on the inside. You can use it for your Uber/Lyft car to record the passengers.

It also features a G-Sensor that auto detects any collision or impact and locks the emergency video and does not allow any other recordings to overwrite it. We also have loop recording, which comes in handy when your storage is full. All the old videos that have been left untouched are overwritten by the new ones keeping the loop going on by adding new ones automatically. As we said, the quality of the recordings is brilliant and brings in 2K resolution all over.

3. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem


Resolution: 2K (Front) & 720P (Interior) Screen: NA Camera View: 360 Degree GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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Lastly, in our list of the best 360 dash cam Garmin steals the deal above all. It is one of the highly portable devices we have come across and also compact in every manner. It rather looks like a small GoPro with dual lenses. You can install it in your car with the least time and capture both the front view as well as the inside of your vehicle. In our experience, it fits in perfectly for the rideshare drivers.

Both the lenses have 180-degree views combining to provide a 360 degree view of your surroundings. You can easily manage to capture 2K or 1440P resolution from your front lens while 720P from your inside lens on the camera. It works brilliantly and is much better than most of the options you will find on the web. With the use of the exclusive NightGlo technology, the camera can capture the best images and recordings at night of all the passengers in your car.

Since it features Wifi connectivity, you can download the app and manage the camera. It is able to synchronize with up to four dash cameras and allows you to control them from a single app. To add more here, we have parking mode. Any impact or motion alerts the camera and it starts recording automatically to gather evidence. Furthermore, you can also find GPS as well as voice control features here too.

Buying Guide – Best 360 Degree Dash Cam

We all know by now the options as listed above. However, you need to know more on how to review and select the best among these or any other option you may come across. So, here is a short buying guide with factors you need to consider while buying a 360 degree dash cam.

1. Video Resolution

The first aspect we need to know here is the video resolution you should look for in your 360 degree dash cam. To be on point, you can go with 1080P video quality that is the acceptable level. However, anything between 2K or 4K might be perfect for the best results. We have mentioned the options above that captures an incredible quality on both front as well as inside view of your car.

2. Screen or Display

You may or may not need this particular feature. But the more the better is what we look for when it comes to buying a dash cam. The screen or the display can help manage the camera settings and also keep you on track especially if the camera is GPS integrated. Also, with a rear camera installed in your car, the display can help you park your car much safer.

3. GPS and Wifi

Well, apart from having the 360 degree camera view, you might need to look for GPS and wifi technology as well for some added features. These do come in handy and have a lot more to give. Even though some cameras do not feature both aspects, you can still opt for them since they might be a little affordable. But with Wifi, you can connect your smartphones and manage the camera. And with GPS you can keep track of your location, the route, and the current speed.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, you might have chosen the right one for you among the list of the best 360 degree dash cam. If you haven’t yet, make sure to go through all the features to be sure. There are multiple options in the market and it might get a little confusing when you look for it on the web. However, if you wish you can let us know about your queries in the comment section and we will get back to you.

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