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Best Anti Theft Dash Cam

Best Anti Theft Dash Cam – Find your In-Car Security System

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We all know that no matter where we go or do anything, there is always a risk of losing your most prized possession. No matter your car is locked, there are multiple ways that the thieves can get hold of your laptops, cameras, or anything they can steal. But, we can get the best Anti-Theft Dash Cam for the car and might be able to put it to good use.

Any Anti-Theft dash cam may not be able to simply stop the theft, but rather give you enough evidence to hold them accountable for the deed. Such a device acts as an in-car security system just like you would install in your homes and apartments to keep yourself safe from any unwanted guests. Above all, it is not a lot pricey and comes packed with features you can use for all purposes.

Here is the list we have created to help you out choose the best anti-theft dash cam.

Benefits of Using the Best Anti-Theft Dash Cam

Here are some of the major benefits of installing a security system in your car and all the ways it can be the best investment you have made.

  • Help capture footage of the culprits
  • Keep a record of anyone causing damage to your car
  • Covers a wide range of area of the street
  • Captures evidence during any accidents
  • Acts as a security camera to keep your car protected

3 Best Anti-Theft Dash Cam

1. AUTOWOEL 4K Dash Cam


Video Quality: 4K Screen: 2.45 inches Image Sensor: Sony GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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The first one on our list is the AutoWoel dash cam that features dual-camera support to cover all the areas around your car. You can easily install both front and rear cameras by simply following the instructions. The front camera supports an incredible 4K video resolution with 170-degree wide-angle capturing about 5 lanes of the road. While the rear camera supports 1080P resolution and captures the best video quality with 140 degrees wide angle.

This dual-camera setup features Sony IMX415 sensor that brings in clear images not only in the daylight but also at nighttime. You even have guidelines that assist for safer parking measures in low light conditions. It is perfect for drivers who drive rideshare cars, especially at night. Moving on, to keep your belongings safe while your car is parked, the G-sensor allows the camera to capture emergency recordings and save them to be used when needed as evidence.

Furthermore, we have both built-in GPS and Wifi features that can record the speed, location, and all other information right on the display. Similarly, with Wifi, you can connect the dashcam with your smartphone allowing you to download and share the videos with no hassle. In fact, you can view the driving route directly on the app and keep track of everything.

2. Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam


Video Quality: 4K Screen: 2.45 inches Image Sensor: Sony GPS: Yes (Optional) Wi-Fi: No

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Next up, we have Vantrue N4 that is an all-in-one camera setup that features a three channel dash cam. You might have come across a dual camera setup with both front and rear cameras. Here we have a front, inside, and rear camera setup that is as simple to install and set up like any other camera in the market.

You can capture the best quality footage with a front camera at 4K resolution and the other two working at 1080P resolution. The rear camera has the capability of covering a 360-degree angle provided with a 20ft extension. If you drive heavy-duty vehicles, this might be the best fit for you. Moving on, the inside camera is ideally suitable for rideshare drivers ensuring flexibility.

This camera setup features a Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor that increases exposure in the dark or in low light conditions to be able to capture clear videos. There are 4 IR LED lights around the inside camera that ensures you can see the faces of the ones in the car at night. It has collision detection mode where the cameras immediately begin to record and save the footage for later usage.

Also, as a special mention, the camera is equipped or runs on a supercapacitor that is more heat resistant and charges faster than any other battery-powered camera. You can get the GPS functions as well for added benefits but you may have to get the kit externally and set it up on your own.

3. VIOFO A129 Pro Duo


Video Quality: 4K + 1080P Screen: 2.0 inches Image Sensor: Sony GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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If we have to choose our personal favorite is the best anti-theft dash cam, it has to be Viofo A129 Pro Duo since it serves all the purposes. To start with, it features both front and rear dash cam and offers 4K + 1080P resolution for amazing video quality. With the help of the stunning Sony sensor, you can capture more detailed images and footage of the street as well as license plates even in low light conditions or in the dark.

Moving on, we have a parking mode that automatically starts recordings with a small impact or collision. All the footage is saved as an emergency video and is not affected by the loop recording feature. Another incredible aspect of the camera is the dual-band wifi that allows excellent file transfer speed from the camera to your smartphone. With the help of GPS, you can log the speed and the location of your car on the display. 

You might also love some of the other premium features such as time-lapse, loop recording, and much more. Furthermore, the cameras are powered by a supercapacitor that charges quicker and gives a longer lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a dash cam prevent theft?

One of the most asked queries about the dash cams is whether or not they can prevent theft. Well, the cameras may not be able to prevent thieves from action, but might be the best device to be able to help you catch the culprits by recording them in action and using the footage as evidence. Moreover, there are times when the criminals tend to step back after seeing the dash cam in the car, hence keeping you safe.

2. Do Thieves target dash cams?

Even though Dash Cam acts as an excellent option for a security camera in the car, it might also attract high-profile thieves that are looking to steal your car itself. In such cases, you may or may not be able to get the footage from the camera as well if the thieves have stolen it. Furthermore, Dash Cams are a little expensive too and it can be something that any thief might want to steal for money.

Closing Thoughts

Here we are with everything you need to know about the anti-theft dash cam and the benefits of installing them in your vehicle. All the options listed above are perfect for any kind of car you can think of. If you are driving a rideshare car, you can simply go with Vantrue N4 that covers all the bases. Similarly for heavy-duty vehicles as well you can choose the same one.

In terms of having a smaller budget, you can choose an Autowoel dash cam and install it in your car that also has all the features you need. As we said, we love the Viofo A129 that looks incredible and has all you need. Now, you simply need to go through all the features as mentioned and decide for yourself.

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