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Dash Cam Battery Pack

3 Best Dash Cam Battery in 2021 Reviewed

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We all know that Dash Cams runs on the direct power of the vehicle it is installed in. However, the battery gives the required energy to record videos in the time of dire need such as collision or any accidents. These batteries do not have a lot of power overall, which is why you need an external battery pack or power bank to give the batteries the boost.

If you are new to this, the reason we need that battery power is especially for purposes such as when your car is in the parking mode. If under any circumstance the car is hit by anything, this battery will act as a backup and record any video to give you enough evidence to claim your insurance and find the person guilty for it.

So, we have curated a small list of the best Dash Cam Battery you will find in the market and reviewed them for you.

3 Best Dash Cam Battery in 2021

1. BlackVue B-112


Capacity: 3000mA/12.8V Charging Time: 60 minutes Weight: 1.9 Pounds Power Input: 12V-24V Cigarette Lighter

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BlackVue B-112 is one of the Dash Cam Battery pack we have in our list. The best part of this battery pack is that you do not require any hardwire input to charge it, rather simply plug in to the Cigarette Lighter adapter and start charging. Not only can you connect the dash cam to this power bank but also multiple other devices such as your smartphones.

There are two output USB ports on this dash cam battery with power 12V/1A. To add more here, the battery takes around 60 minutes for a complete charge and gives 12 hours of runtime overall. It is perfect for any vehicle in their parking mode and can run for as long as needed. The running time depends entirel on the usage, the more devices you use on this battery, the faster it will drain.

Furthermore, it is highly affordable and anyone can buy it who has a limited budget. The lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are alos highly reliable and can withstand extremes of temperature so there isn’t an issue of any accident whatsoever. Also, the device has proper LED indicators on the top that shows charging, charged units, etc.

2. BlackVue B-124X


Capacity: 6000mA/12.8V Charging Time: 40 minutes Weight: 4 Pounds Power Input: 12V-24V Cigarette Lighter & Hard-wired

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BlackVue B-124X is yet another brilliant addition to our list that acts as an excellent power bank for dashcam in the long run. Unlike the other model we have mentioned, this BlackVue has double the battery capacity with 6000mA that lasts longer with a single charge. This dash cam battery pack features a dual charging mode. You can use the simple installation where plug-in to the cigarette lighter socket. Or else use the hardwired function by connecting the battery to the fuse panel.

It gives one of the fastest charging of any battery pack you will come across. With the use of the hardwired function, the battery charges within 40 minutes, and with the cigarette lighter socket it takes about 80 minutes. Similarly, you can use the battery power for the dash cam for around 24 hours.

Since this battery pack supports 12V and 24V compatibility you can use it in any individual and commercial vehicle. The most interesting aspect here is that you can keep track of the battery power and status with the use of a battery manager app. We also have the LED indications on the device to keep track.

3. Cellink NEO Battery Pack


Capacity: 6000mA/12.8V Charging Time: 45 minutes Weight: 3.24 Pounds Power Input: 12V-24V Cigarette Lighter & Hard-wired

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Lastly, we have Cellink NEO that is another one of the best Dash Cam external Battery pack. It is highly powerful similar to the BlackVue B-124X and features a massive 6000mA battery capacity. Also, it is not a portable machine and maybe on the heavier side. If you own a Thinkware Dash Cam it might be highly beneficial for you since this battery pack seems to be a compatible match.

Similar to other packs, this too has dual chagrin mode such as hardwired that provides faster-charging speed that is around 45 minutes. While for the cigarette adapter it might simply take double the time overall. But the output is brilliant, you can easily use it for the parking mode as long as 24 hours or even more up to 45 hours.

Speaking of the best part, we have a Battery Manager app by the brand itself, where you can check out the battery status, charging or discharging, time to charge, and much more. It is easier to use and makes it highly profitable to keep track of everything.

Best Dash Cam Battery – FAQs

1. How long do dash cam batteries last?

It all depends entirely on the usage of the battery. The main purpose of having a battery is to enable parking mode activation on your vehicle under any circumstances. 

You can simply fit in the battery power and the next moment it starts to work. The battery capacity entirely depends on the type of battery chosen such as 12 horus, 24 hrs, 70 hours, etc.

2. Is it better to hardwire a dash cam?

As we spoke, your battery has multiple charging modes such as hardwiring and cigarette socket. It is much better to hide your new battery power with hardwiring. The charging is much faster than any process in general and takes approx around 40minutes or so. Also, since it uses more power, you can use the 12V charger for charging your phone.

Final Verdict

Here is everything you need to know about the best Dash Camera battery. We have kept the list smaller so that it is easier to choose between the three options. As we know for choosing a battery you need to look at the battery capacity and how much time it takes for a single charge. Apart from this, there are multiple aspects such as portability, battery backup, usage, etc.

You can easily get around 12 horus of backup to as high as 70 hours depending on the type of battery pack you have selected. The price might keep going up with higher the battery backup is. If you have a small budget, you can choose to go with the BlackVue Dash Cam Battery pack or anyone for that matter. Furthermore, make sure to let us know all your queries in the comment section below.

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