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4 Best Dash Cam for Truckers 2021 – Buying Guide

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No matter how good a trucker you are, there is always a chance that something might go wrong. Like people always say to be “Better Safe than Sorry”, the same thing applies here too. If you want to be safe on the road from those who might not be as good as you are, it is better to look at the list we have curated for the Best Dash Cam for Truckers.

Dash Cams protect you from any foreseen accidents, collisions, during parking, insurance claims, and much more. Even if you are carefully driving on the road, there is no guarantee if everyone else is the same. Hence these cameras come in handy to record the video evidence of such collisions that might help you in the future in multiple aspects.

Here is a list of the best truckers dash cams that you can refer to.

4 Best Dash Cam for Truckers 2021

1. Garmin Dash Cam 66W


Video Quality: 1440P Screen: 2 inches HD TFT Image Sensor: Sony GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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The first one we have here is by Garmin which is one of the cheapest trucker dash cams on our list. It has all the features you can ask for and more. The most important aspect of this dash cam is the brilliant extra-wide 180-Degree field of view that captures a lot more area than usual. Also, the 1440P resolution brings clarity to all the videos and images even in low-light areas.

Moreover, the in-built GPS function helps you to keep track of your location and coordinates on the 2 inches screen. Also, the display also shows your current speed with the use of the GPS function. Another interesting feature of this dash cam is voice control. You can simply speak “Ok Garmin” and command the assistant to start/stop audio recording, video recording, etc as soon as you come across any incident on the road.

Furthermore, you can use the Wi-Fi network and connect your smartphone to the official Garmin App. With the app, you can get a live feed, watch the recorded videos anytime, save a lot of space, and do much more similar functions to make changes to the Dash Cam settings.

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2. VIOFO A129 Pro Duo


Video Quality: 4K (Front) & 1080P (Rear) Screen: 2.0 inches HD TFT Image Sensor: Sony 8MP (Front) & 2MP (Rear) GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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VIOFO A129 Pro Duo is one of our personal favorites and serves as the Best dash cam for truckers. To start with, this setup consists of dual cameras for both the front and rear sides of your truck. You will love the incredible quality of the cameras and their durability. Not only does it work the best for truckers but also has this amazing parking mode feature too for added benefits when needed.

Unlike any other camera, this one offers 4K video quality that is four times better and clearer than 1080P. In fact, you can capture brilliant images and video even in low light with the help of Sony image sensors that work wonderfully well. The incredible parking mode captures the video as soon as there is any impact.

Furthermore, we have dual-band Wi-Fi that brings in more stability and faster file transfer. With the use of GPS technology, you can keep track of the speed, location, real-time speed, and much more directly on the display. Other important features for your truck are motion detection, emergency recording, time-lapse, etc.

3. THINKWARE U1000 Dual Dash Cam


Video Quality: 4K (Front) & 2K (Rear) Screen: NA Image Sensor: 8.42MP Sony STARVIS GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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If you are not tight on the budget, you will not be disappointed with the Thinkware U1000 dashcam. It is brilliant in every aspect making it one of the best truckers’ dashcams. Speaking of the video quality, you get a top-notch 4K resolution on the front cam while 2K resolution on the rear camera. It gives a sharp image quality and helps you capture the license plates as well. To cover a much wider area, it features a 150-degree Viewing Angle.

Next up, the amazing Sony Sensor makes the quality of the videos even more promising and allows you to get the best even in low-light or in the dark while driving your truck. The dual-camera setup features an optional parking mode where the cameras will start emergency recording even with the slightest of impact or collision.

We also have the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) where the system alerts the truckers before any collision or impact and helps save lives. You can download the Thinkware app on the app and with the help of Wi-Fi, you can remotely enjoy the live feed. In fact, you can control the dashcam and make changes from your smartphones.

4. Blackvue DR900S-2C


Video Quality: 4K Screen: NA Image Sensor: 8MP (Front) & 2.1MP (Rear) CMOS GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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Lastly, we have Blackvue DR900S-2CH claiming to be the best trucker dash cam that might be a little hefty on the price, but worth every penny. Both the cameras feature 4K resolution that serves to be much better and clearer than the HD recordings. With the help of a CMOS sensor on both the cameras, you can even capture at night due to the enhanced night vision.

Moving on, the camera is built for extremes in temperature. No matter how hot or cold the temperature might be, the cameras remain unaffected for a long period of time. In fact, they are very easy to mount and place where you feel like. You can connect the camera with cloud storage that will provide you with notifications and alerts. Also, you can enjoy remote video backup to access the videos anytime.

With the help of Wi-Fi and GPS, you can download the videos directly on your smartphones and save space on the camera itself for more recordings. The package comes with the kit that you can use to hardwire the setup to enable the parking mode that always comes in handy.

Buying Guide for Best Dash Cam for Truckers

Here is a short buying guide for all the newbies here who are having difficulty selecting a good dashcam. You can check out the list below.

1. Video Quality

The foremost aspect that you need to look out for is the video quality of the cameras. Whether you are going with a single front camera or the duo mode. Even for truckers, your dashcam needs to be of the highest quality such that the recordings can be used in the future for clear video of the road and even read license plates.

Here you can at least choose to go with 1080P as the bare minimum. Or else we do have 4K resolution too that brings in about 4 times better video quality that can even read the license plates better.

2. Loop Recording

Well, being a trucker you need a dashcam that can record footage all day long as long as your car is switched on. The loop recording feature is something you should look for in a trucker dash cam since it will record every second while you are on the road and bring you longer footage and evidence you need.

3. Night Vision

A lot of dash cams do not have good night vision thus making it useless especially for truck drivers. There are times when you have to drive your truck all through the night that makes the roads much more accident-prone. 

Hence, in order to keep you safe, the Image sensors need to be of top-notch quality that brings in enhanced night vision. You will find multiple cameras that are able to record clear videos even during the night making it worth spending money on.

4. Motion Detection

Apart from all the features, you need to focus on motion detection. Trucks are large vehicles and often get hit by vehicles on the road or even while parking. Hence, you need to keep it safe and create evidence in times of need. 

The motion or collision detection feature will alert you before any collision as well as use emergency recording as soon as there is any motion around your truck.

Closing Thoughts

Here we have everything we need to know about the truck dash cam reviews as mentioned in the list. The only aspects you need to take care of about these trucker dash cams is that they must have both GPS and Wi-Fi to keep track, better image quality, storage space, better sensor, and much more. If you do not find most of these on your device, it is better to not buy them.

We have kept the list short so that you can make the right choice depending on the budget. It might be a little heavy investment to make, but pick one that serves your purpose well. Make sure to go through each of them carefully and let us know if you have any doubts.

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