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5 Best Dash Cam with Parking Mode (2021)

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Let’s face it, we are all concerned about our car while it is in a parking lot. We have heard of multiple cases of damages, theft, and much more and you surely do not want that for your vehicle. So, the best way to be prepared for such a situation is a dashcam that supports parking mode. We have listed the best Dash Cam with parking mode and reviewed each of them to make things easier for you.

Well, if you are wondering that it is going to cost you a lot, you might be slightly wrong here. There are hundreds of good dash cameras in the market that are way under budget and have all the features you need. The best part of a Dash Cam that supports the parking mode is that the camera runs for the entire time your car is parked. Both the front and rear cameras are working for hours with incredible battery power and record everything.

Here is the list of the Best dash cam with parking mode and all the benefits associated with them.

Top 3 Pick For Best Dash Cam With Parking Mode


Vantrue N2 Pro

It is perfect for commercial use by drivers. Vantrue has an in-built mic and records exceptional video and audio quality. 

Supports Night Vision Features Time Lapse function

Does not support Wi-Fi


Blackvue DR750S-2CH

It is a dual-camera setup that contains multiple recording modes including a motion detection parking mode.

Supports both Wi-Fi and GPS Features Voice notifications

Poor customer support


VIOFO A129 Pro

It features multiple resolutions for amazing picture quality. Also, you will find GPS and Wi-Fi support for maximum benefit.

Can tolerate extreme temperature Easy to install


Benefits Of Buying Dash Cam With Parking Mode

Before we jump to the list, you can check out certain points as to why a Dash Cam might be the best investment you have ever made. Let us look at the benefits.

  • Determine the Accused: Well, you can simply catch the culprit behind the accidents or the incident while your car is parked. There are multiple times that your car or any other car near you might have been vandalized, these recordings will help to catch the accused.
  • Catch Thieves: These dash Cams can help not only you but also other owners to catch the thief. If you have a working parking mode in these cameras, it can record every second of the activity in and around your vehicle and save you a lot of money.
  • Avoid unnecessary Insurance Claims: If someone has mistakenly harmed your card in a busy street, you can ask the person concerned to get your car fixed and save your money from the insurance claim. The Dash Cam recordings are useful in such situations when the accused might run off to save themselves.

5 Best Dash Cam With Parking Mode – Reviewed

1. Vantrue N2 Pro


Video Quality: 1080P Screen: 1.5 inches HD TFT Image Sensor: Sony GPS: Yes (Optional) Wi-Fi: No

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To start with, we have the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam. It is one of the best Dash Cam with parking mode perfect fit for Uber, Lyft, taxis, and even for your personal car as well. Such cameras are most preferred by rideshare drivers that need video evidence of passengers in case of any circumstances. 

Both front and dash cams feature 1080P resolution along with a single 2.5K video quality when needed. It gives crystal clear license plate images as well as road signs. Moving on, the incredible front camera can handle low light conditions and even brings out the best video and picture quality in the dark. Now, the best part of such cameras is the 24 hours parking mode that is motion activated.

It has a built-in microphone and starts recording as soon as it detects motion while the car is parked. Even though you will not be getting a memory card, it does support up to 256GB capacity.

2. Blackvue DR750S-2CH


Video Quality: 1080P Screen: NA Image Sensor: Sony Starvis IMX291 GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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If the budget is no bar for you to buy the best Dash Camera with Parking mode, Blackvue DR750S-2CH is the perfect option for you. It is a dual camera set up that records 1080p videos with high-quality recordings and images. You can easily install it in your car and record videos all day long. With the help of a Sony STARVIS Image sensor, you can record perfectly clear videos even in dim light or in the dark.

Moving on, you can download the app on your smartphone and connect the camera with it. It brings you real-time notifications, backups, and has live views directly on your phone. Also, this camera setup has an in-built speaker that brings in voice alarms. Also, there are multiple recording modes such as normal, event, and parking mode.

The package contains a 16GB SD Card that saves all the video files. Furthermore, you can even watch all the videos on your smartphones as well.

3. VIOFO A129 Pro


Video Quality: 4K (Front) & 1080P (Rear) Screen: 2.0 inches HD TFT Image Sensor: Sony 8MP (Front) & 2MP (Rear) GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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VIOFO A129 Pro is yet another one on our list for the best parking mode dash cam. To start with, it features dual cameras both front and back. You can easily mount it on the windshield and record evidence in times of need. These cameras have excellent video quality with 4K and 1080P resolution. You can easily capture the number of the license plates as well as any road sign.

For clearer images at night, the cameras are built with an 8MP Sony sensor on the front and 2MP on the rear camera. It even has a small 2 inches screen on the front camera that shows the status of the mic, recording, and Wifi icon. 

Next up, we have a motion-detected parking mode. It has the ability to record videos 15 seconds before any collision and 30 seconds after the event. Furthermore, unlike other cameras, it supports both Wi-Fi (dual-band) and built-in GPS. The GPS logger can provide your current locations, speed, time, and much more. Similarly, Wi-Fi helps in faster file transfer.



Video Quality: 2K 1440P Screen: NA Image Sensor: 5.14MP Sony STARVIS GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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Thinkware O800PRO is one of our favorites among all. It has every feature you need or looking for in a Dash Cam for your car. Such cameras with multiple parking modes are essential for Uber Drivers or any other rideshare service. Here too, you will find both front and rear cameras with 2K resolution. It is much better and wider than the 1080P video quality. 

Speaking of the brilliant 5.14 MP sensor that adds in the super night vision that allows you to capture and record videos even in dim light. We have multiple features when it comes to parking mode. It features impact or motion detection, time-lapse, and energy-saving mode to save the battery from draining. 

Furthermore, this set of cameras even has an ADAS system where the driver is alerted of a potential collision, vehicle departure in the front, and lane departure as well. With the help of GP and Wi-Fi, you can connect the camera to your smartphone and receive notifications directly on it.

5. VIOFO A119 V3


Video Quality: 2K 1440P & 1080P Screen: 2.0 inches HD Image Sensor: Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: No

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We have another Dash Camera, designed by VIOFO that isn’t too expensive and does fall under an affordable budget range. The A110 V3 is something out of the ordinary and is equipped with a single front camera with 2K and 1080P resolution. You can expect stunning pictures as well as video quality supporting multiple lighting modes.

Moving on, the incredible Sony Sensor brings in better quality both at day and night time when you have very low lighting. The parking mode is something worth mentioning since it works on both motion and collision detection technology. 

The camera starts auto-recording as soon as it detects any motion or collision while in the parking mode. In fact, it features the buffered mode where a small clip before and after the collision is also recorded. Above all, the camera supports a G-sensor where the system detects the collision and then locks that particular set of recordings and does not overwrite the data.

Best Dash Cam With Parking Mode – FAQs

1. Is it worth having a dash cam?

Currently, no matter where you live, having a Dash Camera has proved to be one of the best investments for drivers but also for personal use too. It has tons of benefits such as it saves you from any fraudulent activities, avoids insurance claims, and even useful in finding out about multiple circumstances of someone damaging your car.

2. Are dash cameras an invasion of privacy?

Well, as of now, there is no such law that proves this. However, it is not advisable for any employee to use the voice or the image of any person in the recordings to be used for any purpose whatsoever. You can however speak to the person concerned and then make the best use of it when needed.

3. Can dash cam record when the car is off?

The Dash Cams you have come across have the parking mode feature where the camera auto turns on or turns off when required. If there is any motion detection or collision the camera turns on by itself and starts recording. It can even record for an entire day with the best video quality.

4. Do dash cams delete old footage?

The Dash Cams do not delete the old footage or data, it rather overwrites the videos that help to save a lot of space. The entire process happens as soon as the SD card is full for you to store any more videos. However, the system keeps the videos of collisions or accidents as a priority and does not overwrite them under any circumstance.

Best Dash Cam With Parking Mode – Buying Guide

We have now successfully listed the dash cameras with parking mode with all the features you need to know. However, before you can select from the limited options we have mentioned, have a look at this short buying guide to know what to look for in a dash camera.

  • Resolutions: You need to make sure not to go with anything less than a 1080P camera. Anything above that is likely to be much better and brilliant for better picture quality.
  • Night Vision: For a good night vision, you need a camera that has a powerful and decent Image sensor. Mostly, all the cameras we have listed have Sony Sensor with exceptional video quality in dim light as well.
  • Front, Rear, or Both: We would always prefer to choose a dual dash cam that has both front and rear cameras. They are very useful in traffic and even for parking. But with a limited budget, there is no harm in getting simply the front dash cam.
  • Parking Mode: Another important feature that you must have. There is a lot of time when you see your car has been nicked and in such circumstances, the camera recordings work like a charm for evidence.
  • GPS and Wi-Fi: You may or may not have the Wi-Fi function, however GPS serves multiple purposes such as providing router, locations, and much more.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you might have now selected or chosen the one laptop you found the best. There is a lot to know and learn about the Dash Cameras and hence it might not be an easy task for you to select one such camera. Make sure you go through all the points and then make your choice.

Furthermore, Dashcams are easy to install and take care of as well. If at all you are stuck and still have no clue about the best Dash Cams, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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