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5 Best Dash Cam Of 2021 – Reviewed | Pros & Cons

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Why do we need Dash Cam? Well, a lot of people have this question in their mind when they hear about the cameras installed in other people’s cars. The only reason you need to know if this is the first device is that they are for Driver’s protection and security and the vehicle. Keeping all the aspects in mind, we have curated a list of the best dash cam you can find on the web.

We have reviewed over twenty such dash cams and created a list of the best five among them. You might have come across multiple videos on YouTube or on other social media sites where people have captured live footage of the accidents on the road. Well, this was only possible due to the Dash Cam in the vehicle. It all comes down to choosing the right one, especially when you have no clue what to look for.

You need to have excellent camera quality so that the videos and images captured are sharp and clear for any use whatsoever. Without wasting any more seconds, let us straight away get on with the list of the best dash cams.

Top 3 Pick For Best Dash Cam


Best Dash cam


The cheapest and highly affordable dash cam. It has a massive screen and supports 170 degrees viewing angle.

Supports 24-hour record in parking mode. Also, features emergency recodng during casualties.

Only provides a single front camera. And does no support GPS and Wi-Fi.


Best Dash cam


This dual dash cam speaks of the best video quality among all. The system features ADAS that alerts the drivers before casualties.

Exceptinal video quality. It supports night vision with the help of advanced image sensors.

There isn’t enough storage as well is no screen or display provided.


Best Dash cam


The front camera features a user-friendly design. It supports GPS inetgration that enables geo-tagging and much more.

It is easy to install and setup in your vehicle. Also, the kit includes a chargeable battery.

It faces mounting issues and there isn’t any rear camera.

Benefits of Using Dash Cam

Hopefully, you are aware by now of what is Dash Cam and why do people use it. There are a lot of benefits associated with such cameras. The Dash Cams are mainly set up on the front and rear end of your car to serve multiple purposes. Here are all the benefits of using Dash Cam.

1. Evidence of Casualties

Well, there is no doubt in admitting the fact that the number of road accidents has increased at a tremendous rate all around the globe. If at all you ever come close to an accident, you can use the dash cams as a piece of evidence to provide proof that you were not at fault. The same can be said in the opposite situation where these strongly built dash cams can act as evidence to put other culprits behind bars.

2. Insurance Fraud Prevention

The DashCams record all the activities while you are driving as well as in the parking mode. There are a lot of times when multiple drivers are hoping to claim their insurance in case of any accidents and claim the one from the other party involved. However, you can prevent such incidents with the installation of Dash Cam where each and every aspect of the accidents can be recorded and thus save you and the companies from such fraudulent activities.

3. Save yourself from Police Harassment

It may seem a little odd to hear this but there have been a lot of times that law enforcement can misuse the powers given to them. Cops have been caught multiple times taking bribes, stopping vehicles to harass the passengers, and a lot more, All of these can be recorded with the help of Dash Cameras and they have provided to be useful in tons of ways.

4. Prevent Theft and Parking Accidents

Most of the DashCams available these days have multiple parking modes where the cameras record even while your car is parked. Well, this is important since there are multiple newbie drivers that might simply scratch your car and you may never be able to know who did it. 

Hence these cams will record everything and thus help you catch the culprit. The same goes for preventing theft. These cams can record any incident of theft while your car is parked and save your belongings through video evidence.

5. GPS and Wi-Fi Integration

Dash Cams have evolved drastically over the years and with the integration of GPS and Wi-Fi, you can have great benefits. With the use of GPS technology, you can keep track of your location, position, coordinates, and speed of the vehicle directly on the screen/display of the dash cam. There are cameras with Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to handle the cams directly through smartphone apps.

5 Best Dash Cam – Reviewed

1. Street Guardian SG9663DCPRO


Video Quality: 1080P Screen: 2.0 inches HD TFT Image Sensor: Sony EXMOR R  GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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The Street Guardian Dual-channel Dash Cam is one of the best Dash Cam for cars available in an affordable range. It offers an exceptional 1080P video quality on both its front and rear camera. The design of the cameras is beyond incredible, featuring a thin and sleek outlook that remains hidden behind your windshield. The best aspect of these cameras is that they can tolerate extremes of temperature during both the summer and winter seasons.

Moving on, apart from simply being the best front and rear dash cam, you can expect full-range Wi-Fi support allowing you to control the devices through your smartphones. It features the new Sony EXMOR R image sensor that speaks for itself, especially during the night. Another brilliant feature here is that it has a Parking Mode as well, where both the Cameras continue to capture even when the vehicle is in parking.

To add to the list of features, with Street Guardian Dashcams, you are provided with an advanced amenity kit that has all the accessories needed to set up both the cameras. Since this dash cam also has GPS integration, you can keep note of the speed, positions, direction, and much more with geotagged locations.

2. THINKWARE U1000 Dual Dash Cam


Video Quality: 4K (Front) & 2K (Rear) Screen: No Image Sensor: 8.42MP Sony STARVIS GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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Thinkware U1000 Dual Dash Cam is always at the top of our list when we speak of the flagship model. You can set up both front and rear cameras in your vehicle by simply following the instructions provided with the kit. This dashcam features an incredible video quality of 4K resolution that can be downgraded to save the battery power to 2K QHD. 

Moving on, the U1000D is also equipped with the newly designed 8.42MP Sony STARVIS sensor that enables recording excellent videos even in low-light or at night time. Also, it has the ability to read the license plates with a much clearer view than any other cams on the list. The most important aspect of this dash cam is that it features ADAS, where the system can alert drivers before any casualties.

It even has multiple parking modes that use energy-saving mode, record events with motion and impact detection, and also features time-lapse. Furthermore, it has a 150 degrees wide viewing angle so that it can capture every corner and keep track. It brings to you 32GB storage along with Thinkware Cloud to enable Remote Live View Geo-Fencing.

3. APEMAN Dash Cam


Video Quality: 1080P Screen: 3-inches Image Sensor: Sony STARVIS GPS: No Wi-Fi: No

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Well, here we have another one of the best dash cameras with features beyond comparison. If you are looking for a device that falls under your budget and has the best set of features, Apeman C450 Series A is the one you need. To start with, it has an elegant design and is highly user-friendly to understand and deal with. The set-up hardly takes time, and you can easily hide all the wires without distracting the driver.

You can make the best use of the 3-inch screen with 1080p video quality and enjoy the exceptional images on the screen all day. It features a STARVIS sensor that brings in super night vision where all the images and videos are recorded very clearly, even in low light. You can purchase the hardware kit to enable parking mode and enjoy 24-hour recording while your car is parked.

Even if the camera turns off during an accident, the footage is automatically captured and saved in the memory card to keep all the records. However, you will need to buy your own microSD card with 32 or 64GB capacity. With the help of a 170 degrees wide viewing angle, other than that, one can capture what one can miss through naked eyes.



Video Quality: 1080P Screen: 2-inches Viewing Angle: 140-degrees GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: No

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Pioneer ND-DVR100 is a mid-range dash cam with decent features you are looking for in your front camera. The overall design is pretty basic and user-friendly as well. You can easily understand all the aspects easily and can use them without any professional help. It features 1080P video quality with a 2-inch display screen. You can monitor and keep into account everything on the screen itself.

The camera is integrated with GPS allowing geo-tagging, monitoring speed, locations, positioning, and much more. Similar to other dashcams, it has driving and parking modes too where you can get video recording while your car is parked or while you are driving. Also, with the help of a 140-degrees wide-view camera, you can capture everything on or off the road.

Furthermore, it comes with rechargeable batteries as well so you need have to worry about the device switching off especially in emergency situations. To add more to this, all your video files are stored in the 8GB memory card provided with the package itself. This dashcam also supports night vision, where you can easily capture the videos and images in low lighting.

5. Vantrue S1


Video Quality: 1080P or 4K Screen: 2-inches Viewing Angle: 170-degrees (Front) & 160-degrees (Rear) GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: No

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Well, the last one on our list for the best dash cam reviews is Vantrue S1. It is yet another mid-range dual dash cam that has way more features you would hope for under this budget. To start with, the two cameras have an incredible video quality that is 4K as well as 1080P. Both these are functional and provide a clear view of the license plate when required. Also, the front camera has 170 degrees wide view angle, and the rear camera features 160 degrees.

With the use of Live GPS integration, you can track the driving route, locations, positions, and speed of your car. All the info can be viewed on the 2-inches screen of the dashcam. Moving on, both the cameras in the vehicle can record for 24-hours while in parking, and the front camera works on motion detection.

You might have heard of G-Sensor that locks videos under any emergency or collision, keeping all the data and field safe. Other than that, the camera can withstand extreme temperatures preventing any risk of overheating or any form of damage. Also, the super night vision makes sure that both cameras can record flawless videos in low light.

Buying Guide

You can check out the list we have created that will help you understand what to look for while buying a dashcam for your car. Let us look at the guide below.

Video Quality

The higher is the resolution of the camera, the clearer the videos will be. You can easily find all options with 1080P quality; however, the best option to go for is a 4K video quality camera so that you can even get the license plate number clearly.

Dual or Single Dash Cam 

Many options you will come across either has dual cams or a single front camera. Well, if you are not into spending too much money, you can go with a single camera and enjoy all the features. However, the dual-camera setup is the most beneficial.

Image Sensor

Another feature to look out for is the image sensor. It enables night vision and provides good picture quality even in low light. You can always choose to go with Sony sensors that are mostly found in the best dash cams. Otherwise, make sure to know about these sensors and all their features.

GPS Tracking

It is yet another essential feature where GPS integration provides you with live tracking, speed monitoring, positions, and the location of your vehicle directly on the screen.

Screen or Display

You may or may not need the display. A lot of options we have listed do have a decent display where you can monitor all the videos and info on the vehicle. It feels a lot more interactive than the non-screen dash camera. Make sure you decide to depend on the budget.

Closing Thoughts

Well, here is everything you need to know. Hopefully, you have selected the best dash camera for your vehicle for protection. We have made sure to put up a limited number of Dash Cam reviews so that you can choose much easier. There are hundreds of designs available, and not all of them are good enough. If you are a newbie, it can get a little difficult for you; hence you can simply follow the guide.

Furthermore, if you are still unsure of the right dashcam to go for, you can let us know what you are looking for, and we will get back to you with more info.

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