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5 Best Micro SD Card for Dash Cam

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You will hardly come across any Dash Cam that has the capacity to store large videos files all day long. This is the major reason when some of the major video recordings do not get saved on the device and your data is lost. For this, you need a decent storage micro SD Card. So, keeping all the aspects in mind especially the capacity and budget, we have listed the best micro sd card for dash cam that you can check out.

Dash Cams do have internal memory but as we mentioned they are not enough. The biggest advantage of using an SD card is that you can always transfer all your files without having to do anything with the Dash Cam itself. There are multiple aspects you need to take care of while selecting the best SD card for dash cam such as storage capacity, durability, brand, compatibility.

Here is everything you need to know about the micro SD card you need for the dash cam.

5 Best Micro SD Card for Dash Cam

1. Samsung Pro Endurance 64GB Micro SDXC Card


Speed Class: 10 Storage Capacity: 64GB Transfer Speed: Up to 100MB/s up to 43,800 hours of 4K and Full HD

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Firstly, we have a Samsung Micro SD card that is one of the highly affordable options on our list. The Pro endurance category makes it highly durable and can provide continuous recording up to 25 times faster than any normal SD card. This means the card can support up to 43,800 hours of full HD and 4K recording with no errors.

Such an SD Card is preferred for Dash Cameras, body cams, surveillance, security, etc., where you need continuous recording for over thousands of hours of footage. You are even provided an adapter along with the memory card so that you can insert it on your PCs and laptops and transfer data. 

Moving on, the Samsung Pro Endurance provides a transfer speed up to 100MB/s that is massive as compared to any other you will have in this budget. Other important and noticeable features such as shockproof, waterproof, x-ray proof, magnetic proof, and even change in temperature proof making it even more favorable for dash cams.

2. SanDisk 64GB High Endurance Video MicroSDXC Card


Speed Class: 10 Storage Capacity: 64GB Transfer Speed: Up to 100MB/s up to 20,000 hours of 4K and Full HD recording

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You might have used SanDisk memory cards before since it is a highly popular brand. Here we have the SanDisk high endurance micro SD card compatible with all kinds of dash cams. It has a storage capacity of 64GB that is enough to hold all your recordings. Not only this, but you can also use it in your home monitoring systems or security cameras at home to save the recordings in HD.

Moving on, this SD card supports up to a massive 20,000 hours of recording in HD as well as 4K resolution to give you the best results. Since the dash cams are mounted on the windshield in your car, it might face a lot of extremes in temperature. To prevent any damage, these cards are tested for high and low temperatures, waterproof, shockproof, and much more.

You can also look forward to buying a higher capacity card of up to 256GB especially if you have a commercial vehicle. Furthermore, the transfer speed here is about 100MB/s that is incredible providing you with faster backups of the files.



Speed Class: 10 Storage Capacity: 128GB Transfer Speed: Up to 100MB/s up to 20 hours of Full HD and 6 hours of 4K  recording

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We have another brilliant addition to our list by Samsung with a massive capacity of 128GB. This is one of the best micro sd for dash cam and under a great budget too. Such SD cards are not specifically built for Dash Cams but it is compatible for any purpose such as gaming, laptops, music, images, etc. You can use it on any of your Samsung phones, Android, or any device.

Also, you are provided with an adapter to connect the SD card directly to your systems. There is no doubt in accepting the fact that it is highly durable and also very lightweight. Another excellent part here is that it has 10 years of warranty that might come in handy if anything goes wrong.

If you are looking to transfer files to your system from the Dash Cam, this SD card has the capability to a 3GB video within 38 seconds. It will save you time as well as a lot of energy too in transferring files without wearing them down in any manner.

4. SanDisk 128GB Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory Card


Speed Class: 10 Storage Capacity: 128GB Transfer Speed: Up to 100MB/s SanDisk Memory Zone app for file management

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SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC memory card is one of our favorites in the list we have curated. This dash cam memory card fits in for all your devices and purposes such as smartphones, DSLRs, laptops, etc. You can buy a storage capacity of up to 512GB based on your budget and fulfill your purpose. For dash cams you can even go with 64GB, but the more the better.

Similar to other options we have mentioned, this too has a transfer speed up to 100MB/s that can send large files within seconds. This card is compatible with any kind of dash cams you might own or look forward to buying. Although you may not find the videos in 4K resolution, all of them support full HD for best results.

As an added benefit, you can download the SanDisk Memory Zone app to keep all your files in check and manage them accordingly. This is one of the best features you can use to keep track of everything you have stored on the memory card.

5. Transcend Information 64GB Micro Card


Speed Class: 10 Storage Capacity: 64GB Up to 12,000 hours of recording UHS Speed Class: U1

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Transcend Micro Card is one of the best dash cam memory cards that you will find here on our list. It comes under the High Endurance category for special devices, in this case, we have Dash Cams that need a constant backup of data with every recording made. We found it to be perfect for such cameras since it is highly durable and can withstand long hours of video recordings without any loss of data.

Moving on, Transcend SD card supports Speed Class 10 which is currently the fastest there is among all the versions. It is suitable for all the cameras that are looking to record and save HD recordings allowing steady streaming of data. 

Furthermore, this SD card has a 64GB storage capacity that sounds about enough for your camera to record videos. To add more here, these high endurance cards come with features such as waterproof, static proof, shock-proof, etc.

Best Micro SD Card for Dash Cam – FAQs

1. What size memory card do I need for my dash cam?

It all depends on the number of videos you are looking to store and the size of these videos. In our opinion, you can choose to go with at least 64GB that will fit your budget too. Or else there are several options you can find with 128GB, 256GB, etc storage capacity, that you may not need in the long run. However, if you have the budget, you should always go for more.

2. Can a dash cam record without an SD card?

Yes, it can. But the real question is whether the internal memory of such Dash Cams is sufficient. We all know that the storage provided by default is never enough, especially for those in commercial vehicles. Hence even though it might be possible to record videos without the SD card, we will highly recommend buying one for a smooth transfer of files as well as save tons of videos.

3. How many hours can a dash cam record?

Any dash cam you may have tested or used, has the recording time to be three minutes for each file to get a maximum recording. However, it can also be stretched to as far as 5 minutes tops. Furthermore, the factor affecting the number of hours here is resolution. Some can go up to 40 hours on 1080P and multiple others.

Final Verdict

Here we are with everything you needed to know about the memory card dash cams. We have made sure to keep the list short so that you are left with little or no confusion. Simply go through each of the points and learn more about each of them. Apart from what we have mentioned, there is still a lot to know.

If at all you are unable to pick the right one for your dashcam, let us know in the comment section below, and we will get back to you with the right possible solution to it.

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