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5 Best Motorcycle Dash Cam (2021)

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For every vlogger on the road on a bike, recording their adventures gets so much more hectic without a proper camera. Setting up your Go-Pro helmet and remembering to turn it on/off every time often becomes such a task, that we end up missing some spectacular scenes. This sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

When this is a recurring issue for you, finding the best motorcycle dash cams is the simplest solution. They are completely automated and do not run out of memory midway, nor does the battery get exhausted.

With so many different options available from different brands, it can be rather confusing to find the best choice for your trips. But we have got you covered with this extensive article exploring everything about motorcycle dash cam.

Read on further and find out some of the best options for your motorcycle that will make your upcoming trip fun and ensure you have the most detailed records of your adventures.

Top 3 Pick For Best Motorcycle Dash Cam


Best Motorcycle Dash Cam

THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam

A rugged and sturdy dash cam; it is powerful and capable of producing high frame rate videos of superior quality because of its EIS technology.

It is suitable for all weather conditions and has a built-in GPS as well as Wi-Fi.

It is rather expensive


Best Motorcycle Dash Cam

Halocam M1 1080p Dual Lens Dash Cam

The camera is sleek and features a 155-degree wide-angle suitable for most videos. Its f1.8 aperture gives superior performance in low light.

The camera draws power from the motorcycle’s battery and even has GPS.

It is not completely waterproof.


Best Motorcycle Dash Cam

INNOVV Dual Channel Motocam

The camera is water-resistant and is easily one of the most affordable devices available. Its smart parking mode is a bonus.

The installation is easy and you can also have speed and location data logged into every video file.

The K2 app is rather slow for video downloading.

Benefits Of Buying Motorcycle Dash Cam 

Why bother about a motorcycle dashcam when you can use a go-pro? This is a question that often arises among budding vloggers and we have several reasons to convince you otherwise.

Here’s how a dedicated motorcycle camera system can benefit your tours and make sure you have a memorable trip:

  • Records evidence: One of the main benefits of using a dash cam is because it records evidence. If you need to get to a police station after a bike accident you can show the footage of the incident to prove your innocence,
  • To get insurance: The footage of your accident can also help you get your insurance money after the accident.

Identifying the other rider and the vehicle: If you are in an accident the dash cam can help you with the footage of the vehicle which is responsible for the situation. Even some cameras can record the license plate number.

5 Best Motorcycle Dash Cam – Reviewed

We have listed the five best cameras which have been tried and tested by me over the years to give you an extensive review of the same. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision about the same.

1. Halocam M1 1080p Dual Lens Dash Cam


  • This dash cam for motorcycles comes with dual-lens and the camera is capable of recording 1080P full-HD resolution videos from the front as well as rear camera. 

  • The camera has some amazing wide-angle capabilities with a 155-degree wide-angle.

  • It is suitable for low light as well, thanks to the F1.8 aperture.

  • To operate the camera, you can simply plug it into the bike’s light or ignition switch with the 12V to 5V power cord. This way the camera automatically starts and stops in sync with your engine.

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The Halocam M1 1080p is one of the most frequently used dash cams for my trips. It is sturdy and suitable for long trips. Moreover, the low light performance makes it even better for the evening and dusk hours. When I have particularly picturesque places to capture on my trip, its wide-angle comes really handy. 

The Halocam M1 is an easily available and budget-friendly model which is suitable for most bike trips you can undertake. The dual lens lets you have better, on-spot recording as you can quickly switch between the front and rear camera as required.

This is one of the most convenient devices I have used so far. See below why I recommend this.

2. Blueskysea DV688 Sportbike Dashcam 1080p Front Rear Dual Lens


  • The entire device body is waterproof with an IP67 rating. It also comes with two Sony light sensors as well as a waterproof lens case. 

  • The motorcycle dashcam has a 2.35” LCD with 960X480 pixel density and is significantly bright at night time. So, undoubtedly, this has become my trusted companion for nighttime trips especially. 

  • Another unique feature is the “remote control” which is a tiny box really, for locking and saving the current video faster.

  • GPS with Optional Module

  • Allwinner V3 Processor.

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I have always wanted a Blueskysea camera for recording my biking trips. As soon as I came across this camera, checking its features that were ticking all my boxes, I knew at once that I wanted it.

As the name suggests, it is an ideal accessory for vloggers on a sports bike as it is robust and powerful enough to endure high speed and extreme weather conditions. The remote control to lock and save the current video gives better flexibility to shoot the trip without jeopardising the rider’s safety.

All in all, this is highly recommended if your trips are bordering more on the adventurous side with extreme climate conditions.

3. VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam


  • You get a 1080p HD video recording option @30fps that gives you a better scope for a variety of adding effects and edits.

  • The wide-angle lens is 170-degree max, which gives a much wider coverage than most similar devices.

  • 128GB MicroSD memory capacity for an optimum storage solution.

  • The camera works on a capacitor so no need to worry about the batteries running out on the way.

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VSYSTO is a reliable brand for Motorcycle Dash cams and I have been a loyal user of the VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam with a 170-degree wide fisheye camera.

If you want to pick a reliable and specific brand, this is the one. I specifically prefer this camera when I know the terrain will give scope for splendid wide-angle views and is a rather humid region.

This has the widest angle of all the cameras I have listed here. Needless to say, it is my go-to camera when I want to take panoramic videos on a trip. The 30fps recording further allows much more flexibility to play with different effects while editing which is another advantage I witnessed and love.

4. INNOV K2 Dual Channel Motorcycle Motocam


  • The compact and water-resistant design make it suitable for many types of terrains and weather conditions.

  • It is equipped with a smart parking mode which is triggered automatically and it monitors the bike while you are away.

  • You can easily connect your Apple or Android smartphone and then review the latest videos you captured or toggle through the settings.

  • There is GPS tracking as well as speed and location data gets logged in after every video is recorded.

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The INNOV K2 Dual Channel Motorcycle motocam is one of the best motorcycle dash cams you can invest in if you are passionate about professional vlogging. The price is on the steeper side but for good reasons.

With so many features, it is an all-around solution to get the best videos during any road trip without having to worry about the quality. Turn it on and you can go about with your trip without bothering about what is being recorded. The smart parking feature is another added benefit especially when you need to park in a tricky corner.

After putting it through some really rough spots during my journeys and witnessing how well it held up, I must admit this is one of the best motorcycle dash cams I have come across so far. Here’s what you should know about it

5. THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam


  • You get full HD 1080p video from both the front and rear cameras.

  • There is built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, both built into the camera.

  • It supports connectivity with both Apple and Android smart devices through respective apps.

  • The camera is powered by a capacitor.

  • It is equipped with SONY STARVIS image sensors.

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The wifi, GPS and Image sensor of this camera is outstanding which is the primary reason behind trying it out. It definitely did not disappoint me and now I often turn to this camera when I need a sturdy device that can hold up in the most challenging climate and road situations. This is made possible by the built-in capacitor that minimizes any possible heat damage of the camera.

A highly robust camera suitable for any terrain and most challenging journeys, this has accompanied me in many of my most challenging locations. This tiny cylindrical camera is much more powerful than what meets the eye.

So, if you are looking for serious and professional equipment for your vlogs, this is a good device to start with.

Best Motorcycle Dash Cam – Buying Guide

There are a few factors and concepts that you should always look up to before buying the perfect dash cam for your bike.

Factors That Make a Dash Cam Better Than GO Pro

Buying a dash cam is proven to be more beneficial for the user compared to the motorcycle helmet cam. They have multiple advantages over the GO pro.

The battery of a dash cam never runs out or the camera also functions automatically so you don’t have to remember to turn it on. Apart from that the dash cams never get too heated like the GO pro in summer season.

These are some of the factors that make dash cam a more superior option compared to a GO pro.

Price Of The Dash Cam

The price of a standard dash cam may vary from $100 to $400. The price difference primarily depends on the number of cameras. That means most of the dash cams popular nowadays have a dual-lens setup for both front and back. That is the reason the dual dash cam is more costly compared to a single lens dash cam.

Battery Life

The battery life of the dash cam is another widely discussed topic. There are a lot of mistaken beliefs about the dash cam battery.

One such misconception is that dash cams cannot get powered up by themselves.  The main job of the battery is to save the last video quickly before the bike is turned off as the charge will go out as soon as the engine is turned off.

Best Motorcycle Dash Cam – FAQs

What is the best Dash cam for a motorcycle?

You can go for the Halo cam motorcycle camera, it is one of the top dash cam brands of the year that comes with loads of specification like Dual cam, build Wi-Fi, GPS, 1080p Rear and front video, 155-degree angle, run in a capacitor and the lens are waterproof.

If you are planning to buy a new dash cam go for the Halo cam as it offers so many features at a reasonable price.

Can you use GO pro as a Dash cam?

Yes, a go pro can be used as a dash cam but it is still better to invest in a proper dash camera. As Go pro is basically action cameras and you always have to remember to turn them on every single time. But a dash cam is designed to record every move of your car and it gets its power from the car engine.

Does a dash cam record your speed?

If your dash cam comes with a GPS then yes it does record your speed. Also, a GPS can be a useful addition to your dash cam, as it can provide information about the place of an incident during an accident. This information can be proven important for claiming insurance.

Does a dash cam stay on all the time?

Normally a dash cam stays on when the vehicle is on and gathers power from the engine and records the videos automatically at that time. But once the car engine is off the dash cam turns off automatically.

What should I look for in a dash cam?

You should always look for the quality of image, night vision level, field view, number of lenses, automatic recording, loop videos, GPS, driver awareness warning and also for motion detection features while choosing a Dash cam.

How much does it cost to install a dash cam?

Installing a Dash cam can take around $35 to 50 dollars. But many dash cam models come with a plugin and play option in that case you can do it yourself and would cost nothing.

Closing Thoughts

Finding the best motorcycle dash cam can elevate your vlogging experience, giving your videos a professional touch. With any of the above-mentioned five motorcycle cameras, you can achieve this desired video quality.

Now that you know the best dash cams for motorcycles available these days, finding the perfect match for your requirement will be easier. Your budget, the type of camera and the features you are looking for are some of the primary determinants. This can be a lifetime investment if you take good care of the camera so choose wisely and do not compromise on the quality.

Treat yourself to the best photo and videos of every road trip from now on with your perfect motorcycle camera.

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