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Best Place to Install a Dash Cam

Best Place to Install a Dash Cam [Proper Placement, Mounting and Removal]

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You might have already got a Dash Cam set up for your vehicle. If not, there are loads of aspects that you need to look into before making a perfect choice. However, we will be not diving into the different Dash Cam reviews in this Blog, rather another important aspect that you may not have paid attention to.

There is no doubt that Dash Cam is of big help since it records evidence for you and keeps you safe as well. But before installing your car you need to make sure to go through all the instructions mentioned in the guide. Every Dash Cam has a different mounting function and you need to find the right place for it too.

You need to follow different instructions for each of these cameras such as front, rear, inside view, etc. Here is all you need to know on the best place to install a Dash Cam.

Where should you Mount the Front Dash Cam?

Well, the first thing we can start off with is by learning about all the different places you can choose to mount your front Dash Cam. This setup also acts as your inside view dash cam as well, hence installing it in the right place is crucial.

Keeping the street and traffic rules in mind as per the country laws, the dash cam must not obstruct the driver’s sight while they are on the street. Hence make sure of all these regulations while you are mounting the dash cam. Moreover, it depends on the camera you have bought, lens angle, and other aspects.

Here are the things you need to consider while installing the front Dash Cam in your vehicle.

1. Sunshade Tint

To start off with, you need to be careful about the Sunshade Tint on the windshield. You might come across multiple cars or vehicles that have a small tinted glass portion on their windshield that is for the purpose to keep them from direct sunlight while driving.

Hence, while you are installing the dash cam make sure that no portion of the sunshade comes in as an obstruction in front of the camera as it will never be able to get clear images of the vehicles on the road.

2. Windshield Wiper

Next up, we have the Windshield wipers. Here the situation might be a little tricky to think of. Well, the basic function of the wipers is to clear off any dirt or snow from the windshield.

Hence, you need to make sure that the dash cam placement is such that the wipers are able to clear off any obstruction in front of them and are able to reach the specific area so that the cameras can capture everything clearly.

3. Line of Sight (Dash Cam Regulations)

Apart from a simple common-sense fact, this is also a law and rule by the government where the dash cam must not obstruct the line of sight of the drivers driving the cars or any vehicle.

It only implies that you need to double-check the sight of the driver and that the dash cams are not coming in as any obstruction whatsoever. You can simply choose it below the rearview mirror or even behind it whichever looks the best overall.

2 Mounting Techniques for Front Dash Cam

Well, here we are with two of the best mounting techniques that you can try out in your vehicle in order to mount the front dash cam. We have a Suction Cup and Adhesive Tape. Here is how both of these work.

1. Adhesive Tape

The first one and also the easiest one we will be talking about is the Adhesive Tape. They work perfectly well with anything you use them for and the same goes with the Dash Cameras too.

All you need to do is make sure that the windshield you are going to install the camera on isn’t too hot or too cold, since the tape might not withstand the difference in temperature while you are putting it up. Now, simply remove the covers from the tape and stick it on. Once done, take your camera and attach it to the tape. That is it.

2. Suction Cup

Another mounting technique or better say method that you can use is with the help of a Suction Cup. Do they work better than Adhesive Tapes? Well, we believe so. They have much more power to hold the windshield than any tape.

In fact, you simply need to switch the lever and install the suction cup. It is important that you clean the space that you will be installing the camera on. Make sure there is no dust or dirt to ensure that it can hold the camera perfectly well.

Different Power Options for the Dash Cam

Once you are done installing the Dash Cam, you need to provide it with power to get started with things. There are multiple power options in your car that you can choose from. Here are a few of them and you can pick out that suits the best with your setup.

1. Hardwiring

The first option we are choosing here is surely hardwiring the cameras. If you are not a technically sound person, this might get a little challenging for you at first. But since these cameras always come with proper instructions, you can always make it work. The main reason we are recommending installing the cameras with proper wires all across the car is that it helps not only to provide power in normal circumstances but also has multiple benefits.

If your camera supports G-sensors, parking mode, and other similar features, you will need it to work even when the power source is switched off such as the engine. In such circumstances, the hardwiring ensures that the cameras always get the power even during the parking mode. To set up the wiring, you can simply use the fuse box in your car and follow the instructions likewise just to be on the safe side.

Once you have successfully made the connection, another important step needed here is to make sure that all the wires are properly placed in the car. Make sure that the wires do not obstruct your sight while driving and look tidy as well.

2. Cigarette Lighter

Another power option we have is the Cigarette Lighter. Well, the dash cam does come with the necessary cables for this particular installation. All you have to do is plug in the cable in the lighter board and you are good to go. Furthermore, make sure the AUX power outlet is not in power or otherwise it can simply discharge the battery.

We are all aware that the lighter plug does not work when the car is off but it is important to be extra careful at times especially when you have no idea how it all works.

Where should you Mount the Rear Dash Cam?

How could we forget the rear dash cam when we talk about installing them in th car. Not all but many of you might have enough of the entire front and rear dash cam for your vehicle. Well, it helps in parking, gives that extra sense of security, and brings in better footage of the vehicles behind. Here is how and where you can mount the rear dash cam.

Mounting the Rear Dash Cam

To begin with, the best place suited and perfect to mount the Dash cam is on the back glass of your car. It is more likely to happen that the glass will be tinted. However, you can still install and place it in an area that is least affected by the tint or isn’t present. If at all you have a car that has a wiper on the back glass too, make sure you have properly placed it keeping the wipers in mind.

Well, moving on, you can use the same two options for the mount that is either adhesive tape that will work just fine since rear cameras are very small in size. But it entirely depends on the type of camera you have. Furthermore, the cameras must not act as an obstruction to the driver while he is looking in the rearview mirror for parking or any purpose.

Hardwiring the Camera

The next part would be hardwiring the camera since that is the only way it can work. The rearview camera is farthest from the main power source and you will need a lot of long wires for the same. Now it all comes down to how you will be hiding and installing the wires to make it look neat and tidy.

Well, you can simply take it from the roof on the inside of the car and hide it with proper tapes. Or else you can take it through the car gates whichever makes more sense to you at the moment. If you are at all lucky and have a fuse box on the back of the car, the job will be much easier and you will not need as much effort to put on.

Final Verdict

Well, here we go. The process is very easy when it comes to choosing the best place to install a Dash Cam. There are the most obvious ways to go with that will be much safer and easier or else you can always make your own smart decision. It all requires you to keep all the safety measures in mind and that is it.

Moreover, you can even choose to shift the dash cam at your convenience. But it works better if you are using a suction mount since it is easier to remove it. The adhesive tapes might not be just the best way to pull off. Furthermore, make sure you go through all the instructions given to you after you get your dash cam for the best method to install and set everything.

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