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best semi truck camera system

8 Best Semi-Truck Camera System In 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guides]

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Looking for the best semi truck camera system? We have got you!

In modern times, having a good quality dash cam is more of a necessity than an accessory choice. This is especially relevant for truckers and drivers who are more prone to incidents and a dash cam can come handy in times of finding the proof. But, not any random dash cam will do what you need. And for a good trucker dash cam, you need some great features. So, choosing the best dash cam for truckers can get a little tedious. A dash cam for trucks is a lot different than a car dash cam. There are a lot of features to look at and you need a quality that justifies your purpose. Here, the trucker dash cam you need should have a wide range of angle, a good video quality and at the same time be easy to use and install. 

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So, we did our own research and picked out the best semi truck dashcam! We picked out 8 different dash cams and a quick guide on how to choose the best dash cam for truckers. This guide will help you truly understand each feature that different dash cam for truckers offers. So, even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can easily make a good choice and pick the best trucker dash cam for yourself!

Here are the factors to consider before buying!

The one big purpose of your dash cam is to record and capture videos. So, it is essential that you get a dashcam that offers great video quality. Here, you don’t always have a high definition quality but something is good enough to capture street signs and number plates. Most of the dashcam for truckers and the best semi truck camera system offer Ultra HD Recording that is capable of stabilising light. This helps you get a clear recording with good details. This a priority feature you should look for before buying a dashcam.

Another important factor to consider is the angle. The wider the angle, the more area you can capture and the more, the better. However, a 130 degree of wide-angle recording is good enough for a dash cam for truckers.

Although this is an optional feature in practical terms it is rather essential. The dash cams often come with a free app that you can install in your phone. You can use this app to easily access all your recordings, download them directly and change the settings of the dashcam. It is easier to work with your dashcam when every data on it is easily available on your phone. 

The best dash cam for truckers is the one that is durable. So, pick one that has a good battery. Along with this, choose a dash cam that offers good temperature resistance. In the long recording, the dash cam can overheat which can hurt the hardware and you may end up losing all your data. So, make sure you choose the one that explicitly states that they have temperature resistance and overheat preventing capacitors. 

Now, this may seem like an optional feature. But, the GPS sensors give you an add on benefit. They help you with Live Tracking and you can even access your travel logs with this. Along with this, the G-sensor also helps you with an accurate timestamp on your videos. This sometimes turns out to be extremely useful.  

Most dash cams for truckers offer low-key motion detection. Make sure you get one with superior motion-detecting sensors. These sensors automatically start the recording on any motion or event. This feature comes handy in case of any incident. The parking feature also helps you prevent any collision during parking. This mode is often featured in the best dash for truckers in 2021.

Best Semi-Truck Camera System Reviews

1. Garmin Dashcam

Key Features:

This Garmin dash cam makes the best semi truck camera system in 2021. With a very compact design, this tiny trucker dash cam can do wonders. It allows capturing at an extra-wide 180 degree with an amazing 1440 P footage quality at 30 FPS. Even in a low-light setting, this cam works efficiently. The auto-sync feature allows you to play the footage back and forth. You can connect your smartphone to the Garmin Drive app and sync your recordings there. This app comes handy when you want to change settings, download your recordings directly and view your live feed.

The voice control feature is another pro making this the best truckers dashcam. You can start/stop your recordings using your voice and convenience. The installation is no hassle. Just suction the mount to your windshield and leave the rest to its amazing tech. This trucker dash cam can automatically record videos and will require an 8 GB micro SD card but is expandable up to 512 GB. With high quality capturing and amazing HDR clarity of videos, this dash cam for trucks is everything you need. The dashcam bundle comes with a mini suction cup mount. So, if you are looking for an all-in deal of the best dash cam for truckers, this is the one for you!

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2. VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam

Key Features:

This camera constitutes to be the absolute best dash cam for truckers. The camera allows you to record at an amazing full HD quality and even 4K videos. The quality is truly amazing with a compact design that is amazing for your purpose. The front camera can record at 3840×2160 P and the rear at 1920×1080 P at 30 FPX. The camera features a Sony 8MP sensor on both front and rear. These amazing specs allow you to record everything in great detail and perfect quality. The Image sensor provides more clarity to the videos and even at night provides captures at a great quality. 

The lens comes with a Wide Dynamic Range technology that automatically balances the light and gives you sharp image quality. The Buffered Parking mode easily detects events and motions with up to 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after that event/incident. The built-in WiFi is 5GHz dual-band helps avoid network interference and gives you a more stable WiFi connection. The GPS sensor works in sync to provide accurate date and time with a timestamp on each recording. The loop recording, motion detection and time-lapse feature on this make this the best semi truck camera system all in itself. All you need is this camera!

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3. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

Key Features:

This amazing trucker dash cam makes up for everything you will ever need. The 4k resolution recording can capture high-quality videos even in low-light conditions. The video quality is without a glitch. Even if you are driving fast, the details still remain crisp and clear. The compact design and built will not be an obstruction to your view and the recording will be worth it. The lens comes with 7 layer glass which provides a wide range to them. They automatically adjust to different lighting conditions and that is why we call it the best trucker dash cam.

The super-capacitor in this dash cam allows it to survive in extreme temperatures without hurting its hardware. This prevents overheating and makes this dash cam really durable. The parking monitor allows you to capture motion more efficiently. The motion detection sensors along with collision detection work together to capture any incident. The WiFi is built-in and you can easily access the recording from your phone. The add-on features like Timelapse, loop recording and GPS sensor with GPS logger software makes this the complete best semi truck camera system in just one camera.

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4. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080 P Dash Cam

Key Features:

This is the best trucker dashcam and we have all the reasons for it. This dash cam for trucks features a dual camera to record the interior as well. The camera features Sony Sensors captures high-quality images at 2560×1440 P at 30 FPS for the front camera and 1920×1080 at 30 FPS for the rear. The amazing motion sensors of 24 hours motion parking mode on this dash cam automatically starts the recording of any incident or event. The cam can withstand temperatures from -4 degrees F to 158 degrees F and the capacitors work well to prevent overheating. The microphone allows you to record high-quality audio along with your video.

The GPS sensors and loop recording are some of the key premium features you get with this device. The timestamp on every video offers high accuracy with the G-sensor attached to it. 

Other amazing features that make it the best dash cam for truckers are the Infrared Night-vision feature for passenger view and night vision for the front view. This makes the quality of the video really clear even at night and in no-light conditions. The storage is expandable up to 256 GB which is perfect for long recordings. Overall, this product rounds up the features of the best trucker’s dashcam!

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5. KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Front and Rear Dashcam

Key Features:

If you are looking for the complete best semi truck camera system, then this one dash cam will do. This truckers dash cam gives you a clear, wide view of everything you record. It offers a clear and crisp high video quality with 6 glass lens design. The Automatic Motion detection automatically starts and stops recording at motion. This also works while parking!

The night vision on this dash cam is better than you expect. It gives you a very crisp image quality with a wide dynamic range even at night! The high powered battery is long-lasting and durable, and with expandable storage, this is the best dash cam for trucks.  The easy installation and superior performance make this dash cam a truly professional one. The easy wireless connect can help you download videos directly on your phone. And if you have any problems with installation or working of this dash cam, the customer support of KDLINKS is quick and adept at solving your problems. With a compact, durable design and high-quality capture, you will be using this cam for a good time! 

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6. Blackvue DR900S-2CH 4K Duo Dashcam

Key Features:

This amazing dash cam includes both front and rear cam and can record at an amazing 4K Ultra HD resolution. This means you get a 3840×2160 4K on the front and an amazing 1920×1080 on the rear. The 162-degree wide-angle lens captures the complete view even in bad lighting conditions. The WiFi connects and syncs your data to the cloud providing remote video backup, notifications and live tracking. You can even use this feature to connect it directly to your phone and download the videos directly, access settings and travel logs. So you access everything remotely from your phone with no hassle on the Blackvue software available for Android and iOS.

This cam comes with an enhanced night vision feature that enables it to capture great quality images even at the light. The capacitors on this can help it to survive high temperatures and prevent overheating. It also features a built-in temperature cut off technology to safeguard against any hardware damage. The Live View and emergency alarm systems are two highlight features you get with this dashcam. The motion detectors work amazingly to record any incident or event, even work in parking mode. The features and efficiency of this product make it the best dash cam for truckers. 

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7. THINKWARE U1000 Dual Dashcam

Key Features:

This dual dash cam from THINKWARE lets you capture videos at an amazing 4K Ultra HD resolution and even at a 2k QHD resolution at 60FPS. You can switch between settings for crisp and clear details of your recording. So, number plates, street signs and everything else will be recorded at high quality even if you are driving at high speed. The 8MP Sony Image sensor stabilizes the lighting and exposure to give you the perfect recording. The 150 degrees wide angle gives you a high coverage of the entire recording.

The night vision on this dash cam makes it the best dash cam for truckers. It can help you reduce noise in the image and automatically enhances the quality of bad lighting conditions and at night. The Anti-File Corruption Technology ensures that you do not lose any of your storage. This feature makes it really reliable and durable for long term use. The Thinkware Cloud feature lets you sync all your data to the cloud. This feature also includes Remote Live View, you can view Geo-Fencing and get notifications right on your device. Another highlight is the Safety Camera Alert that alerts you at red lights and speed cams. This dashcam comes with 3 different parking modes- energy-saving, impact detection and time-lapse. For the price, this is the best semi truck camera system in just one camera.

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8. YI Nightscape Dashcam

Key Features:

This cam is the best dash cam for truckers and here are all the reasons for it. This dashcam for truckers comes with the Sony Starvis Precise Night Vision Image Sensor that allows you to record and capture vibrant, high-quality images at night and low-light conditions.  A 140-degree wide-angle recording at 1080 P recording gives you a vivid recording. The battery life is another amazing feature that makes it the best dash cam for truckers. The capacitors work to give the battery a long life. The cam can withstand extreme temperatures from -22 degree F to 185-degree F, and the capacitors prevent any sort of overheating.

The WiFi feature enables you to easily set up the settings and remotely access them using the YI app. You can download your videos directly, backup and sync your recordings and easily access your data. The design is sleek and beautiful. The six lenses work together and make the recordings clean and clear. So, even little details like street signs and number plates are easily visible in the recordings. The installation is easy and the user interface is easier. With the AI-powered motion detection and the Advanced Driver Assistance System offers an extra layer of security while driving. Overall, for this price, these features make YI Nightscape the best semi truck dash camera system!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can the police take your dashcam?
    It is not illegal in any way to use a dashcam. But, if your dashcam has recorded, or may have recorded any crime, they are allowed to take your dashcam.
  • Is a dual dash cam worth it?
    If you want to record both the front view as well the driver/passenger’s side, then you should go for a dual dashcam.

  • Can you get a ticket from someone’s dashcam?
    Technically, no. The video, no matter how great the quality, does not hold proof of how ‘fast’ or at what ‘speed’ is a vehicle at. So, this does not hold up in court.
  • Are cheap dash cameras any good?
    Cheap dash cams are good as long as the video quality is good enough to view the basic details like street signs and number plates. So, you can go for a cheap dash cam as long as it serves your purpose. 

Final Verdict

The best semi truck camera system features a roundup of all features you need from a dashcam. This includes great video quality, remote accessibility, image stabilisation, motion detection for automatic recording and more. There is no one best dash cam for truckers. The best one is a choice that depends on what you are actually looking for in a dash cam for truckers. Different people will have different requirements and thus, “the best” seems more subjective than objective. 

But, nevertheless, we hope that between our research and your needs, you found the best trucker dash cam for yourself. Feel free to connect to us for any suggestion, feedback, question or comment! Share and keep reading!

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