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3 Best Small Dash Cam with WiFi – Stay Hidden

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You will come across hundreds of Dash Cams on the internet, but not all have the Wifi feature with them. So, we have reviewed over 10+ Dash Cams that might be just the right fit here, and have created a list of the best small Dash Cam with Wifi.

The real question arises here is Why do we need Wifi in a Dash Cam? There are so many features and uses that can benefit you once you connect your device to it. You can start with the fact that Wifi connections allow you to manage your camera from your smartphones directly. In fact, mostly small cameras have such features that makes it even more favourable and highly portable too.

Let us jump over to the list we have here for the best small Dash Cam.

Benefits of Using a Small Wifi Dash Cam

Since we are in no hurry here, you need to be absolutely sure why you need this camera in your car. So, here are the benefits we think might make things clearer.

  • Small Dash Cams are highly portable.
  • Wifi enables you to manage your device through your Smartphone
  • Download videos directly on your phones
  • Share the video on Social Media
  • Provides much more space to store files and footage
  • Monitor your camera through your smartphone

3 Best Small Dash Cam with WiFi

1. Garmin Dash Cam


Video Quality: 1440P Screen: 2 inches HD TFT Image Sensor: Sony GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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We have a Garmin Dash Cam that is known to be one of the best small Dash cam for Wifi you can get on the internet. Garmin is the leading and the most preferable choice for people looking for a reliable camera for their vehicle. To start with, this is one of the smallest cameras we have come across and weighs only 2.24 ounces. You can install it very easily by mounting it on the windshield.

Unlike other small cameras, this has a 2 inch display that provides multiple alerts to you such as collision alert, lane departure warnings, and much more. You can easily capture videos and images in 1440P resolution that bring in complete clarity and HDR quality. In fact, you can capture many clear images in low-light conditions. Moving on, the camera is capable of covering 180 degrees angles so that you can get the maximum street view as evidence.

Garmin Dash Cam features a Wifi connection where you can connect your smartphone to it. Simply download the Garmin app and you are good to go. It even features auto-sync through which you can control and playback footage from four cameras at once directly on your mobile phone. Another incredible feature here is the voice control that supports multiple languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Swedish.

2. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam


Video Quality: 2160P Screen: 2.4 inches Image Sensor: Sony GPS: Yes Wi-Fi: Yes

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Next up, we have a rather powerful device known as Rove R2. It is not only a small camera suitable for all the purposes but works perfectly well for heavy duty vehicles as well such trucks. This camera brings in a brilliant 4K resolution to all its captured footage. The videos have amazing clarity and quality as well. With the help of Sony sensors, you can easily capture images in dark or low-light conditions.

Another excellent aspect here about this camera is that the suction mount can be rooted 360 degrees making it an all-purpose camera. You can even turn it around for an inside view of the vehicle. Apart from this, we have Wifi as well as GPS features included too. Not only can you manage your dash cam through your smartphone but also with GPS you can keep track of the speed, location, route, and a lot more.

The 2.4 inches screen shows you the path ahead as well as has a screen saver, brings in Live Speed, Compass, Date & Time. Apart from all the features here, it has loop recording, supports multiple languages, time-lapse, slow-mo videos, and all the more you can think of to make the most out of it.

3. Scoche NEXC10032-SP1


Video Quality: 1080P Screen: No Image Sensor: Sony GPS: No Wi-Fi: Yes

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Lastly, we have Scoche Nex-SP1 Dash Cam that weighs only 10 ounces. It has an adhesive mount that makes it very easy to set up and install in your car. The best part of this dash cam is the fact that it has an amazing video quality that captures not only in the daytime but also makes sure that the quality remains perfectly well even at night.

This is a front facing camera with 140 degrees viewing angle capturing a major aspect of the streets and the cars in front. With the help of Wifi technology, it automatically connects itself to the Nexar App that provides free cloud storage as well. Moreover, it is highly affordable and anyone with a substantial low budget can easily get one for their car without a second thought. 

As soon as the dash camera senses any collision or reports any evidence of a crash in the form of videos or any footage, it immediately sends the report to the licensed insurance company with proof of everything recorded on itself. You are also provided with a 32GB SD card so that all your evidence is saved and secure and can be used whenever required.

Best Small Dash Cam – Buyer Guide

Since we have listed the best products we could find on the web that might be the perfect fit in your budget too. Now, we need to look at the factors that influence the buying potential. If you have never bought a Dash Cam before, you might need to look at these aspects to learn more before you choose one.

1. Portability

Well, when we talk about small Dash Cams, the first thing that comes to our mind is the portability of such cameras. All the options we have mentioned above are pretty small in size and you can easily set it up in your car that will hardly take any minutes. 

Moreover, they are super lightweight so you need not worry about the mount coming off and the camera falling off anytime soon. Make sure you go through all the features of such cameras and make sure they fit your criteria.

2. Screen or Display

You may come across a lot of cameras that may not have a display especially considering their size. However, if you find one such dash cam as we have mentioned in our list too, there is nothing better than that. You can keep track of the route, speed, location, and much more on the small display.

3. Video Quality

You cannot compromise on the video quality no matter whichever camera you choose to go with. Even if it is a small portable camera, having at least 1080P video quality is the only right choice that you need to go with. Not only does the resolution matter for the footage in the daylight, but also brings in clarity and quality in low-light conditions. With good sensors, you can get incredible video quality in the dark.

4. Wifi Connectivity

Since we are already looking for the best small Dash Cam with Wifi connectivity, having a good connection is also necessary. This feature helps you to manage the camera directly from your smartphone and also allows you to share the footage on social media as well. The process hardly takes seconds and you can keep track of everything on your phones. It even acts as a mini display if your camera does not have one.

Closing Thoughts

Did you select the best one for your car among the options we have listed? Well, it can be a little difficult if you do not have much experience altogether but make sure you go through the guide we have mentioned above and maybe things might be much clearer. Apart from this, it all comes down to the budget, hence if you have a budget in mind, it might not take a lot of time at all.

There is a lot of information on the web as well based on other people’s usage and what they liked about the product. We have also made sure to bring you the best review after going through multiple similar cameras such as this. If you have any doubt further you can let us know in the comment section below.

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