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BlueSkySea B1W Dash Cam Review (2021)

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5/5 Rating

“If you are searching for a camera that will be reliable and will have your back while you are driving, then BlueSkySea is the one for you.”

Quick Overview –

blueskysea b1w

Having a big and bulky dashcam does not always guarantee to capture road accidents, suspicious individuals, or thieves. To sneak up on these criminals, you need something more subtle than this. BlueSkySea is a smaller dashcam introduced in the year 2017 and is still now a winning product. The significant aspect behind the success of the BlueSkySea B1W is its competitive price. Let us take a quick look into what features it has in store for the customers. 

The dashcam comes in a compact and slim black design that will not take up much space in the dashboard or the windshield. The camera can rotate itself to a full length of 360 degrees, capturing everything that is happening outside and inside the car. With 150 degrees of wide viewing angles, you can view three car lanes at ease. 

In place of a Lithium-ion battery, this little camera of BlueSkySea B1W comes with dual capacitors. The camera also does not overheat or switch off during operation, making it safer to use. This dashcam ensures that the drivers should connect directly to the camera through the users’ smartphone via Wi-Fi. From your phone, you can download, stream the footage, and share the video. You can even alter the settings of the camera through an application on your phone.

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Now charging this BlueSkySea dash cam is easy! All you have to do is connect it to the car’s cigarette lighter socket and charge it fully. The device also comes with a parking mode feature that will protect your vehicle even when you are not around it. The camera automatically gets triggered by the G sensors that will record 30 seconds of the video. The video will get locked in a secure file location without the fear of being overwritten. 

You should settle nothing less than HD resolution for this BlueSkySea dash cam. With the GM8135S Novak processor paired with image sensors of Sony IMX323, you will get a full 1080 pixel resolution of HD quality video with no hitch. The chipset GM813S is usually present inside the surveillance cameras. It also captures every image irrespective of the lighting. You will require buying a micro SD card to store a maximum of 64 GB video footage. 

But if you are worried about forgetting to delete the older files, then do not take any tension. This dashboard camera includes a loop recording feature. Due to this feature, older recordings will get replaced by the new ones with no manual interference. The camera can record finer details at 12 Mbps and 30 FPS speed, even in the low light surroundings. 

The button on the camera’s side locks the recorded video footage with a brief press and disables the Wi-Fi with a long press. It also includes voice alerts for the detection of SD cards, shutting off and turning it on. With every firmware update, the camera gets better and improved.

Key Features:

B1W VS A129 Duo Dual Lens Dash Cam:

A119 dashcam from Vivo is one of the most popular pocket-friendly devices under the budget of $100. The B1W dash cam comes at a much lower price of $52 than A119. But this model of BlueSkySea does not contain any LCD screen present in A119. A1109 also comes with inbuilt GPS sensors. Also, the image quality of A119 is much better than the BIW, but you have to pay a higher price for it. Read our review article of Viofo A129 for more information.

What is Included in the Box?

BlueSkySea B1W comes in a package that contains the following accessories:

  • One B1W dashboard camera
  • User manual
  • Car charging cable
  • Wire card
  • One 3M bracket
  • USB data cable
  • Cloth for cleaning the lens
  • Cabling screwdriver

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The name of the app is B1W-CARCVR. Just download it on your smartphone and control the camera through this app. This application is also compatible with both Windows and iOS systems.

The cable for car charging the BlueSkySea B1W is a minimum of 12 feet long.

The device will always turn itself on in a recording mode, even if you turn it on after weeks or months.

Final Verdict

We can conclude by saying that this little affordable camera is of excellent video quality and includes features that will suffice an everyday user. It is not so super fancy and also does not have an LCD screen. Besides audio quality, inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity and parking monitor are some of the features that make it distinct. The 360-degree design and flexibility allow the camera to be fit almost anywhere on the windshield or a dashboard. But if you are searching for a camera that will be reliable and will have your back while you are driving, then BlueSkySea is the one for you.


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