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5 Best Hidden Dash Cam: Our Top Picks for 2021

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When it comes to accessorizing our bikes, we think of all sorts of things from decals to gadgets for an enhanced driving experience. But for a passionate traveller, nothing beats the urge to record every journey and this is where a high-quality best hidden dash cam can come into play.

Not only a mode of recording your journey, but these small dash cameras are also surprisingly useful to ensure a safer ride and parking as well. Especially discreet and small designs ensure you can use the camera as a piece of evidence for events like an accident. But how do you choose the best?

In this article, we are going to make that process easier for you by listing some of our favourites to make dual tried and tested stealth dash cams that serve every purpose you can think of.

Top 3 Pick For Best Hidden Dash Cam


Relohas HD 1080P Spy Camera

The tiny spy cam is very powerful and capable of capturing HD 1080P videos. You can also discreetly hook it on or paste it anywhere.

The design is compact, and the camera has powerful night vision. Moreover, the overall performance is noteworthy for its price.

There are only two video capture resolutions- 720P and 1080P.


RoadRover WIFI Car DVR Dash Camera

This hidden dash camera has a wide-angle lens and light sensors that lets you capture the best possible videos at 1080P resolution.

The camera is affordable. It also comes with an in-built audio system. The installation is very simple.

The camera is not waterproof.


Pyle Dash Cam Rearview Mirror

The camera is specifically designed for mounting on the rearview mirror and has an in-built G-sensor that aids the parking mode, making it an overall video accessory for any vehicle.

The camera is waterproof and the wide-angle lens can cover more area. The parking mode detects minimum unusual activity, keeping the vehicle safe.

The camera kit is significantly expensive compared to most options in this category.

Benefits Of Buying Wireless Dash Cam 

The first thing to consider is whether you need a hidden dash cam and how is it beneficial?

We have listed some of the benefits specifically associated with wireless and hidden dash cam to give you a brief insight about what you can expect:

  • Hidden dash cams for cars, as the name suggests, are very discreet in design and make minimal noise which ensures you are not distracted while driving.
  • They are very useful, especially for users who are travelling for purposes like journalistic ventures where they may have to discreetly record the proceedings.
  • They are also very useful to collect pieces of evidence, in case you meet with any unfortunate events on the road like an accident or vandalism.
  • They can be mounted almost anywhere, thanks to the tiny size which is very helpful to keep the bike’s dashboard uncluttered.
  • Lastly, the dash cams work wonders for avid travellers who want to record the journey as well but do not want to draw too much attention to the road, which is possible when people notice you are recording.

5 Best Hidden Dash Cams- Product Review 

To make it much easier for you to find the best hidden dash camera in the market, we have tried and tested some products ourselves. From there, we have sorted out 5 such products which tick all the boxes and at the same time suitable for everyone’s budget.

Taking into account all their specifications, pros and cons, we have created the list below:

1. Relohas HD 1080P Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Live Streaming


  • It is a portable mini camera for remote monitoring as well as live streaming with HD 1080P video quality.
  • It comes with a built-in 800mAh battery which is rechargeable and the device works smoothly anywhere with a Wi-Fi or cellular network.
  • The camera is extremely lightweight and can extend up to 8.47inches and can be hidden anywhere. You can stick it on or use the hook attached to the end to use it discreetly.
  • The camera also features auto and manual night vision with invisible light beads and works without any noise and hence does not arouse any suspicion.
  • It is also equipped with a Motion detection alarm and picture to capture any odd movement automatically, depending on the settings which you have activated.
  • There are four different recording modes like Full-time recording, timed recording mode, motion detection recording and phone recording.

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Relohas is known for its superior quality cameras and among them, this HD 1080P spy camera is particularly popular. We had a lot of fun setting up this tiny camera discreetly on our bike and got some candid footage throughout the journey. It is a mini camera that is powerful enough and can provide round the clock live streaming from anywhere in the world.

What we felt is best about this camera is its ultra-compact design and the high quality of the footage that you get despite its simplicity. Though battery-powered the camera lasted for a long time which was an additional perk for us.

2. RoadRover WIFI Car DVR Dash Camera


  • The resolution and video recording quality of the camera is excellent under average lighting and it can record at 1080P resolution at most.

  • The adhesive mounting is very strong so it will sustain even on a bumpy trip and suitable for rough handling.

  • The lens is at the centre which makes sure you get the best all-around coverage, thanks to the wide-angle lens.

  • The camera is also noted for its loop recording which ensures, your entire video gets recorded without any space crunch.

  • The in-built light sensor of the camera is powerful enough to adjust the brightness of your videos automatically as per the lighting available so you need not do it manually.

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The sleek and robust design of this hidden dash cam is a treat to your eyes and the beautiful videos it captures are even more so. It gives a phenomenal wide-angle coverage and 1080P maximum resolution, the camera is good enough for those looking for additional security for your bike or car.

It is more suited for indoor use and hence ideal for four-wheelers. Though it lacks night vision, the camera records at a higher resolution in low light which can produce quite decent footage that compensates for this missing feature.

All in all, the camera is quite decent and a budget-friendly option if you are looking for something viable but nothing with extraordinary features.

3. Pyle Dash Cam Rearview Mirror


  • The camera is waterproof and made with a 140 A+ level camera lens that is capable of producing 1080P high-resolution videos.
  • The camera has a built-in G-sensor which will help the camera to automatically start recording in case there are any unusual objects or movements around your vehicle as long as the parking mode is turned on.
  • The loop recording features ensure your entire video is recorded seamlessly even if the memory runs out.
  • You also get DVR recording as it comes with the Pyle’s monitor video system kit and it also has the play-to-play operation.
  • You get two cameras with a connection cable, USB car power cable, 23ft rear camera cable in the package.

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This HD 1080P resolution camera from Pyle is an ingenious solution for those who need extra help with the rear view of the car. It is specifically designed for mounting on the rear-view mirror and is a dual system camera. This is what we loved the most about the Pyle camera.

Priced slightly on the higher side, the camera has several noteworthy features which justify the price tag. There is a 4.3inches TFT wide-angle lens that captures stunning wide-angle videos and ensures you get the maximum coverage.

Do not mistake its capabilities judging by the size as it can produce surprisingly high-resolution videos, unlike many cameras in this segment.

4. Rexing V1 – 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam 2.4″ LCD Screen


  • The design of the camera is discreet but nevertheless, you can record videos up to 2160P resolution.

  • The 170-degree wide-angle lens ensures you get the maximum coverage of the terrain around you while you ride.

  • There is a parking monitor option along with the supercapacitor which not only ensures your safety but you can get the most out of your camera in the most extreme weather too.

  • The Wi-Fi connection lets you share and store your videos on the go on other devices easily.

  • The loop recording and the G-sensor make sure you never lose footage and the parking gets easier even at the trickiest corners.

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Time and again Rexing cameras have made a comeback in our review section solely based on their performance. The Rexing V1 – 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam 2.4″ LCD Screen is one of the best-hidden dash cams out there that is feature-packed and the best value for money.

The ultra-wide-angle lens is the best you get in this category and the model is a robust device that will last for years if you take care of it. It is also ideal for long road trips in extreme terrain as it can withstand extreme weather, thanks to the supercapacitor.

Altogether, we highly recommend this camera if you can stretch your budget for this one is significantly expensive.

5. Provision-ISR Hidden Dual Dash Cam


  • It is a compact dual dash cam that can simultaneously record the rear and the front view while you drive without any interruption.
  • The night vision settings are quite advanced and the videos you can capture are crystal clear. Moreover, there is no flash or noise which let you discreetly record anything you want.
  • The memory support is high and you can install a flashcard up to 128GB in this camera.
  • The camera also features a high-quality front view and wide-angle lens which can record high resolutions video easily.

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As the name suggests, this camera from Provision is a dual dash cam which means you can record the front and the rearview at the same time. We loved the sleek design and the tiny and compact body. The night vision of the camera is particularly worth mentioning and we had some fabulous footage of our journey even well past sunset.

The installation was also smooth so we could start using it as soon as we received the package so that is another point I loved about this camera.

Best Hidden Dash Cam – Buying Guide

Now that you have the review for our top five picks, how do you filter the choices? The first essential step is to determine which are the major priorities for you. Choosing the best hidden dash camera is not easy when you are not very sure about what you are expecting from it.

Here is a buying guide that lists all the criteria that should be considered before you make the purchase:

  • The purpose of the camera should be clear. Moreover, determine whether your purpose actually calls for a hidden device. The hidden cameras are rather small and hence more expensive so unless your purpose needs that amount of discretion, the type of camera you want should be wisely determined.
  • The dual ended camera is useful to record the rear side as well as help with parking. But obviously, they cost more. I feel they are still better than choosing a conventional camera if you are thinking about the long run so that eventually you do not need to replace it.
  • Take account of the brand and the model you are picking. These factors affect the longevity and the overall performance you can expect from the camera.
  • The budget is another very important factor that should be considered too and the camera should be chosen accordingly. Set a realistic budget that is standard for such cameras so that you do not have to compromise with the quality.

Best Motorcycle Dash Cam – FAQs

Can the police take your dash cam?

The police may ask to view what has been recorded on your dashcam in case they suspect a crime was recorded. However, unless there is any such situation, the police cannot legally force you to hand over your dash cam or view its contents.

Can dash cams be tracked?

If your dash cam is internet-enabled then it can allow anyone to track your GPS in real-time. However, for this, the camera has to be hacked or bugged in some way. This is a rare situation and the possibilities are few.

Should I leave my dash cam in my car overnight?

Unless your dash cam features a parking mode, leaving it on your car or bike overnight is of no use but can attract unwanted attention. You can stow it away somewhere hidden or opt for a hidden dash cam if you want to leave it overnight on the vehicle.

Do you need GPS in dash cam?

This comes down to personal preference and the purpose for which the dash cam has been bought. The GPS tracking on the footage can be useful if you need to present evidence to the police or the insurance company for any reason and this is the primary purpose of having GPS tracking.

Can I install the Dash cam myself?

This depends on the type of hidden dash cam you are investing in. While all dash cams come with a user manual, in case it has a parking mode or Motion detection features, taking the help of a certified auto electrician is recommended. The hardwiring of the dash cam to your vehicle’s battery is rather tricky and should not be attempted by someone inexperienced.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you have a list of the most popular and worthy of the hype products, you can easily find the best hidden dash cam that suits your purpose and your budget. Once you are sorted about the benefits you are looking for and the specifications that are important for you, making the choice will not be too difficult.

All the cameras we have listed here are from top brands and we loved testing them out. Singling out any would be rather difficult. Taking into account all the pros, cons and specifications we have shared, we hope you get sufficient guidance to make a dual-ended and informed decision and shop the best for your vehicle and make your journey awesome.

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