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how much should you spend on dash cam

How Much Should You Spend On Dash Cam?

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Like we have always mentioned in all our blogs, Budget is a key factor that helps you make your decisions in choosing the right Dash Cam for you. But, the real question is how much should you spend on Dash Cam.

We have come across hundreds of cameras with budgets ranging from $50 to $500. Some have incredible features even at a worth of $50 dollars while even the most expensive ones might not be as good as you think. It all comes down to what should be the ideal budget you should spend for a Dash Camera on your vehicle. To be true, there are several factors you need to look to before coming down to the right budget.

Let us list it all down here briefly.

How Much Should You Spend On Dash Cam?- Some Factors to look into

Here are all the factors you can look into. To start with things, it all depends largely on what you are looking for in a dash cam that includes a dual camera, parking mode, good video quality, and other added features. If you are willing to look into all these factors and note them down, you can easily understand the estimate.

  • Dual or Single Camera Setup: The first thing you need to look into that determines the price factor is whether having a single camera might fulfill your purpose or a dual cam is what you need. Here the price factor will be more for duals than for single ones.
  • Video Quality: Next up, we all need a dash cam that has good quality recordings. That is the sole purpose and hence going with a camera with at least 1080P resolution is a must.
  • Night Vision: Now, we do have cameras that may or may not have night vision. Mostly if you have a commercial vehicle, then night vision is a must and that might add extra few bucks altogether. Or else for your personal use you can avoid it and save some money here.
  • Display: Some brands like VIOFO have a good display where you can keep track of everything. While brands like Blackvue may not have the specific features and still costs equally very high. Hence, you and choose accordingly.
  • GPS and Wi-Fi: These two are not an immediate choice since they can also add up to the cost. You can use GPS to keep track of your speed and location. With Wi-Fi, you can easily control the settings of your camera remotely. These features do have huge benefits.
  • SD Card: Lastly, we have an SD card requirement. Since we all know that dash cams do not have enough space in them to store all the massive video files all day long. Hence having an SD card is the best investment here with a decent storage capacity.


Coming to the point, you can consider all the factors here and take into account what you might need. There are some points as well such as Parking mode, Cloud Backup, and others. Simply list it down and go through all the options you have in front of you. Filter them out and you can only then determine how much you can afford ultimately.

Like we have mentioned, these Dash Cams easily cost between $50 to $500 or even more in certain cases. Now, you can list all your options and compromise on some and get the cheapest one. Or else simply pick out the best one on the list and make the best use of it.

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