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insurance discount for dash cam

Can Dash Cams Get You A Car Insurance Discount?

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We all know by now the importance of a Dash Cam and the multiple benefits it brings with it. The major reason why anyone chooses to install a Dash Cam in their vehicle either be it in your car, truck, or on a motorcycle, etc., all of these are to get the insurance discount for dash cam and eliminate any false activities.

However, the real question arises whether or not the drivers are provided the dash cam insurance discount they deserve for capturing the ideal proof for their responsible driving. There is a lot to learn about these insurance companies and how they have been taking part actively to bring in more and more benefits for those who have installed a dashcam in their car. Some of the companies such as NextBase have also put up different policies based on the country for insurance discounts.

Let us look at what are the policies and benefits if any are provided to the car drivers.

How does Dash Cam benefit from Insurance claims?

Before we can simply head over to the question about the insurance discount, if you are new here, you may not be aware of the benefits these dash cams can provide you with for Insurance. Here are a few major ones you can look into before installing the best budget Dash Cam in your car.

  • Dash Cams work as evidence for any accident or collision on the road or with your vehicle itself.
  • It helps to prevent any future accidents too by reckless drivers with the help of this footage.
  • These cameras help to settle claims between two parties or between the insurance company and the driver.
  • Dash Cams help to identify false claims and save money.

Can Dash Cams Get You A Car Insurance Discount?

Well, the answer to this straight away depends entirely on which country you belong to. For people residing in the UK, you may have massive benefits since a lot of insurance companies do have a decent insurance discount for all their customers. For Example, with NextBase you can save around 30% of their car insurance. Similarly, we have multiple others with similar benefits that encourage other users as well to install Dash Cams in their vehicles.

When we come straight to the United States, there are simply no such car insurance companies that are even close to bringing in such a policy for offering special Insurance discounts to any driver. Most of these companies do accept the video footage as evidence and use them for multiple purposes.

For example, if you ever come across any accident on the road or meet with a collision, you can use the footage as evidence that it was indeed not your fault and claim insurance. Moreover, even if you have recorded footage for any other accident on the road, you can help insurance companies and save them from any false claims whatsoever.

In a similar fashion, there are no available Geico dash cam discounts provided by the company. A lot of users have made false claims here, however, with our thorough research, we did not find any specific discount options for dash cams. When you visit the official site of the company, you can easily find attractive new discounts on insurance for cars, motorcycles, etc.

Why are Insurance Discounts a necessity?

Well, to add more here regarding the insurance discount for dash cam, you may find it surprising why people have been looking for such benefits. The major reason behind this is because the United States has spent millions of dollars on such accidents that go into repair, legal fees, and much more.

1.Fraudulent Claims

Due to fraudulent claims, it becomes really difficult for innocent people to pay such massive fees. Hence, people have preferred to invest money in dash cams rather than on other bills. However, Insurance Discounts are highly important since it encourages others to avail the benefit that comes with the Insurance claims.

2. Video Footage As Evidence

Adding more here, you can also use the footage as evidence that is widely accepted by almost all the companies as proof. Furthermore, these claims have become highly beneficial for all those who were looking to pay massive fees in repair. You can now use the small discount that will help in the long term.

3. Safe Driving

Also, with the help of these insurance discounts, the drivers will be more encouraged to keep track of the footage and show them to their companies. A lot of companies do have proper options where they ensure through these dash cams that the drivers have been excellent on the road and thus give them the benefits.

Final Verdict

Here is everything you wish to know whether or not you can get insurance by installing dash cams. To summarize here, the answer for all the people residing in America isn’t great. However, slowly things might get better and the insurance companies can start taking up things into consideration.

Furthermore, we will keep you updated if anything comes up in regards to the insurance discount for dash cam. If you have any queries, you can let us know in the comment section below and we will get back to you.

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