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Is GoPro Better Than a Dash Cam

Is GoPro Better Than a Dash Cam? Comparison

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Are you considering buying a GoPro to use it as a Dash Cam? If yes, you need to go through this guide we have created for all of you since it has all the information about GoPro and Dash Cam.

We all know the reason why most of the vehicles have dash cam installed on their windshield. Well, you need it to create evidence while you are driving on the road, and also helps to keep you safe based on multiple aspects. Now, you can easily find so many options to go for a Dash Cam, but there are drivers looking to buy a GoPro as a Dash Cam. Is GoPro better than Dash Cam?

Let us look at everything we need to know before coming to any conclusion.

Is GoPro Better Than a Dash Cam?

GoPro is mainly used to record outdoor sports and activities such as surfing, biking, underwater, and much more. It is waterproof, highly durable, and meant to withstand extreme terrain. But the real question is whether or not you should use it instead of a Dash Cam in your cars.

Well, you need a camera that can give you high video quality, provide recording all through the day, features Wi-Fi & GPS, motion detection, parking mode, and much more. There are so many aspects to look into when we think of a dash cam. Moreover, a dash cam must have the capability to withstand extremes in temperature.

However, GoPro does not possess any of these features and rather we can only vouch of brilliant video quality. You need to always switch it on every time once it is off to record videos on the street. You also need a loop recording feature on the device that you will never find in any model of the GoPro. Adding all these factors makes it highly unfit to be called better than any Dash Cam. Also, it is highly expensive as compared to any general dash cams.

Advantages of GoPro over Dash Cam

  • Highly durable and portable
  • Easy to install
  • Brilliant video quality in every model
  • Waterproof

Disadvantages of GoPro over Dash Cam

  • Highly expensive
  • Does not have specific features needed for Dash Cam
  • Needs to turned on every time
  • Cannot withstand extremes in temperature
  • No loop recording or parking mode

Final Verdict

So, to answer your question, No, GoPro is not better than any Dash Cam when we talk about using it to record videos from your vehicle. You need a device that has much more features and comes under budget too. GoPro is simply meant for intense sports and other activities and must not be mixed with every other purpose camera.

Even if you already have a GoPro at home, we would recommend not using it in your car since it will never serve the purpose of any dash cam. Other than that, you can always use GoPro for recording ultra-wide images, Capture time-lapse footage, and much more. If at all you have any doubts making it difficult to choose between the two, let us know your doubts and we will get back to you.

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