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KDLinks X1 Dash cam Review (2021)

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5/5 Rating

“This dashboard camera records all the memorable moments of your favorite road trip, along with date and place. Thus you can revisit them whenever you want”

Quick Overview –

kdlinks x1 review

Your search for a fully High-definition dash cam comes to an end with the Kdlinks X1 Dash cam. The 165 degrees wide-angle of this dash cam helps you capture a broader view of the landscape in front and around. Equipped with the Wide Dynamic Range technology, it captures almost everything that is happening inside and outside your car. It is like an artificial pair of eyes that records everything that is happening around. You need not worry about low light since this dash cam has the night mode feature that can capture crystal clear pictures even at night and under adverse weather conditions. 

An added advantage of this dash cam is the in-built GPS that can help you locate your destination quickly. Also, GPS helps to store the location and route direction in the video itself for your future reference. It can also connect well with the google maps and help you get an idea of how much time you might require to reach your destination via the selected route. Keeping in mind the privacy concern, you can turn off the GPS when you do not need it.

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Moreover, a widescreen and high-resolution video recording at 1920X1080 pixels on a continuous loop makes this dash cam stand out amongst its competitors. The smart G-sensor that is installed in Kdlinks X1 gets activated in case of an unfortunate accident. The G-sensor automatically can sense mishaps, and it immediately saves the ongoing video by locking it and prevents the deletion of the same video clip. This dash cam not only records but also plays. It comes with a bright, 2.7 inches wide LCD screen. You can play your recorded videos on-the-go, without having to wait to reach home and connect to some other external device. 

Thus this dash cam is just loaded with features, but it is equally smart and extremely handy and easy to use. 


KDLinks X1 Features

This helps you to reach your destination quickly and keeps a record of the places you have visited. The location of the video remains embedded in the video itself, making future references easier.

You do not need to worry about the temperature inside your car, wherever you travel. The battery of this dash cam can stand a wide range of temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus you can go to any place of your choice without having to worry about the temperature of the region. 

The dash cam can record high-quality video having a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels, and the wide-angle and night mode makes it even more efficient. 

Why should you buy the KDLinks X1 Dash cam?

Kdlinks X1 full HD Dash cam is a perfect choice for those wanderlust souls who set off on frequent road trips very often. This dashboard camera records all the memorable moments of your favorite road trip, along with date and place. Thus you can revisit them whenever you want. 

Besides, we often come across unexpected road accidents and get blamed for no fault of ours. Mounting this dash cam on the windshield can save you from all such inevitable mishaps. The recorded video serves as the truest evidence in case of any legal proceedings, and thus, the wrong-doer is punished without any ambiguity.

Also, this acts as a way of relief of worried parents. With the help of the dash cam, the parents can keep a check on their children when they go out with the car alone. Thus, the dash cam serves purposes, more than you can imagine. It is worth the investment and has long-term benefits.

What is inside the box of KDLinks X1 Dash cam?

On unboxing the package of a new KDLinks X1 Dash cam, you will find the following items:

  1. KDLINKS X1 Dash cam – the central camera unit
  2. 8 GB micro SD card for storage which you can further increase it up to 32 GB. 
  3. Adapter for the micro SD card
  4. Adapter and car charger for charging the battery on-the-go
  5. Suction cup to mount and adequately position the dash cam on the windshield of your car
  6. The GPS unit with a suction cup for mounting it beside the dash cam unit on the windshield
  7. A Software CD for understanding and setting up the GPS function 
  8. KDLinks dash cam Manual for easy and hassle-free set up of the device

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The video is recorded in .mov format in KDLinks dash cam, and later the format can be changed.

You can do that via Bluetooth, or you can unmount the SD card from your dash cam and install the card on your phone and transfer the video.

Yes, you can visit the official site of KDLinks, and from there, you can download the KDLink X1 manual for your unit free of cost.

The dash cam can be connected with the google maps with the help of the software support CD that is given with the package unit of the device. 

Final Verdict

KD Links X1 dash cam is undoubtedly one of the best choices amongst dashboard cameras that are available in the market. KDLinks X1 review has positive feedback from all its customers and is the best choice for your car, in this budget range.


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