5 Best Ways to Install a Kill Switch Car in Your Car (Anti-Theft)

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No matter how careful we are, there is always a risk of our being stolen. It might seem too scary to think of but on average, there are hundreds of cars being stolen every day all around the world. However, there are multiple precautionary measures you can take to protect your vehicle from such circumstances. One of them is to install a kill switch in your car.

We have taken up multiple such car kill switch ideas that you can try well in your vehicle. They work perfectly well and might just be the thing you need to protect your car from being stolen. In the most general aspect, a kill switch as the name itself speaks takes part in stopping the electrical flow from your ignition system thus making it difficult for anyone to start your car in the first place.

It might seem a pretty easy-to-understand process but it sure isn’t and all the thieves who might be looking into stealing any car certainly will never be able to get past this. Without wasting any more seconds now, let us get on with the different ways to install remote kill switches for cars.

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5 Best Ways to Install a Kill Switch in Your Car (Anti-Theft)

Here is an extensive and detailed list of all the ways you can try out to install a kill switch in your car. It is easy to understand and anyone with zero knowledge of how things work can also easily work on it.

1. Inline Ignition Kill switch

Kill Switch Car

The first one we will be talking about here is the Inline Ignition or Ignition wire kill switch. Well, as the name speaks for itself it puts a stop or a break in the ignition wire as soon as you enable the kill switch car. It is directly connected from the point you turn on the key to your car through which the car gets the ignition.

As soon as you enable the kill switch the circuit breaks and will not allow anyone to be able to start your car in any manner. Such switches are hidden from the naked eye so that only you can access it whilst you leave your car unattended. To make this happen, you will need a proper wiring diagram to know the ignition cable. It is mostly found in the back seat of your car.

Now, find the cable and cut it off to install the kill switch between them. Now, the best way to go from here is to solder long wires on both ends and add the kill switch to it somewhere hidden in your car so that you can access it without anyone being aware of it.

2. Fuse Box Kill Switch

Kill Switch Car

Next up, we have the Inline Fuse Box kill switch that will directly wire from the fuse box and cut the power to prevent your car from being stolen. You can easily get a Fuse box to kill switch kit from the web or any local store for a pretty small amount. The only thing you need to take care of is installing it properly with proper soldering.

A lot of people might choose to simply take out the fuse every time they leave the car and vice versa but it is not easily accessible for everyone. So, this might be the perfect way to make things happen. For this, you need to attach the inline fuse holder to the fuse box and then bypass the wires and connect it to the kill switch.

It might take a little time to get started with, but you can easily find certain YouTube videos that have the entire process for you and it will hardly take about an hour or so to set everything up. Make sure to hide the switch in a place where the thieves may not discover it and you are good to go.

3. Remote Controlled Car Battery Switch

Kill Switch Car

If you are a person who likes to handle things wirelessly, this might be something interesting. You may have heard of a remote car kill switch that can be carried around with your eyes and you can easily hide it or take it with you anywhere you like. We do not need to mention the fact it is highly convenient to use and install in terms of safety and privacy.

The kit will basically provide you with three main components that are the cutoff switch, the electronic switch, and the remote. Also, you will be provided with an instruction manual and a wiring diagram so that you can connect all the wires as required to complete the connection.

Both the components will be connected with the battery of the car and to each other as shown in the wiring diagram. Once you made the connection, you can use the remote control to check whether or not the setup is correct.

4. Manual Car Battery Kill Switch

Earlier we spoke about how you can install the remote kill switch for a car connected with the battery. Now, we will be talking about the manually controlled kill switch for car batteries.

The kit consists of all the wires, screws, and the key-like switch to control the on/off control. Well, you can make a connection by either choosing to install the switch directly where the battery is placed in your car or you can relocate the battery that will make things a lot easier to operate the switch in an isolated location.

Now, take a well-insulated thick wire and connect the negative and positive terminal of the battery as per the wiring instruction provided to you. Now, the best part of this setup is that it comes with a knob-like key switch that you can carry with you after switching it on or off.

5. Fuel Line Shut-Off Valves

Lastly, we have the shut-off valves that will use the fuel line to cut off the supply to the engine. For this, you will have to look for the fuel pump relay to create a connection and add a kill switch in between. To make the installation you will have to pick the right wire and cut it for making a connection with the switch. But make sure that you have removed the negative terminal of the battery under the hood of your car so that you do not short yourself under any circumstances.

While you are cutting the wire, make sure that you do not cut over the connector or from the end, rather in the middle so that you have enough to remove between the wires. Now, you need to choose a safe place to place your kill switch so that not everyone can access it apart from you. Once you have that perfectly selected, all you have to do is connect the wires from the fuel inline to the kill switch.

After setting up everything, you might want to check if the connection is properly made. To be on the safe side, do insulate the wires and add protection to them so that they are not cut off from any location.


Well, here we are with five ways you can install a kill switch for a car battery. The process might look complicated but it is actually pretty easy and can be done all by yourself. Even if you are scared of playing around with electricity, you can handle it quite well too as there is no chance of any shock whatsoever. To be on the safe side simply remove the negative terminal of the battery while cutting or connecting any wires.

All these processes are tried and tested and work every time for the long term. No matter if your car has been stolen before or not, you need this for your vehicle so that it is safe in the future. If at all you are unable to get the right kit or having issues with the installation, let us know in the comment section below.

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