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Solar Powered Dash Cam [DIY Guide and Panel Setup]

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Solar Panel is one of the highly efficient renewable sources of energy that can be used to power your Dash Cam. Instead of relying on a car battery, you can simply install the solar panel on your car and use it for multiple purposes all through the day. So, we have brought you this small guide that will help you to install solar powered dash cam.

Even if you are unaware of all the technical aspects needed for the installation, this guide might just be the simplest thing you need. Furthermore, Solar Panels can not only be used for powering Dash Cams but also few people might be looking to use them to power their vehicles as well. However, the electricity generated may not be enough and we have a long way to go for it.

Until then, we can learn everything on how to set up a solar panel on a car and use a much greener source of energy from the sun.

Solar Powered Dash Cam DIY Equipments

Well, before you can think of installing a solar panel in your car, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of. Firstly, you need to gather all the equipment for the project and all the necessary harness tools to set up the solar panel on the car.

1. Solar Panels and Tools

Solar Powered Dash Cam

You need to gather a decent set of Solar Panels for your car roof. Also, make sure your car does have a roof rack where you can install the entire setup. Here you can go with a 50W SOLPERK Solar Panel, which might be just enough to charge the Power Bank needed for the Dash Cam.

Now, a lot of guides on the web may not list out other important tools that you need for this. With this kit, you will receive one Solar Panel, solar charger regulator controller, mounting pieces, screws, etc. Other than you need to get thick plywood on which you will be mounting the solar panel, glues, cables, etc.

2. Dash Cam Battery

Solar Powered Dash Cam

Next, you need to select a Power Bank or a battery that you will be charging to give power to your Dash Cam while in the parking mode or under any emergency when your car is switched off. As per our opinion, the best one we have so far is the BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X).

It may seem a little expensive, but worth the money spent on it. The battery pack supports USB output which will make it easier for you to connect it to the solar panel. Furthermore, the battery can give you a charge for as long as 24 hours. It can work all day long giving you the power and keeping it working all day long even in the parking mode.

3. Dash Cam

Lastly, we need a good enough Dash Cam to install after we have set everything up on the roof of our car as well as the Battery Pack. Now, we have multiple options to choose from when we look at the list of the best Dash Cam under a budget or you can even go with a capacitor-powered battery.

If you haven’t selected one for your car yet, you can still do so and take your time so that you do not miss out on the important features such as parking mode, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.

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How To Install The Solar Dash Camera In Your Car

Now, we can move on to install and set up the solar panel on your car and how to connect it to the battery pack that will give power to the Dash Cam. Here is all the process you need to know.

1. Install the Solar Panel

We will start with setting up the Solar Panel on the roof of your car. It may look a little challenging and difficult, but with the right arrangement, you can do it yourself.

You need to start off by mounting the panel on the thin plywood so that it remains stable even while you are driving at a high speed. The best part of these panels is that they are waterproof so that it can protect you from rainfall as well. Next up, simply mount the setup on the rooftop of your car. Furthermore, you need to follow the instructions to drill some holes that might take time to set up all the wires.

2. Wiring and Other Instructions

Now, we are looking at the most important part that includes wiring on the solar panels. For this, you need to follow the instructions too provided with the kit itself. Once the wires are connected, make sure to double check so that even if the car moves, the wires remain intact all throughout.

3. Installing Batteries

Next up, we will be connecting the batteries to the Solar Panel. There will be two inputs here where one end will head to the Cigerrate adapter while the other will directly connect to the Solar Panel. As soon as you connect the devices, they will start charging. Also, the output is given to Dash Cam directly which helps it operate all through the day.

Also, you can also look to install the Dash Cam as well and then take the charge from the charger itself.

Benefits of Solar Panels in Car

Since we have covered up everything on the Solar powered Dash Cam, we can now move on to list the benefits you can get from using Solar energy for the car.

  • Depend less on the electrical grid
  • Charges car batteries
  • Uses green energy resource
  • Keeps teh environmental cleaner
  • Helps to charge the Power Banks for the Dash Cam
  • Helps to record larger videos with the power bank

Final Verdict

Here is everything you need to know about the solar dash camera. We have mentioned a brief idea of how you can install the solar panel and setup on the roof. It is easy but a lot of users may not be able to do it all by themselves. Hence make sure you read all on the blog.

All the tools mentioned here for the solar panel might be made available such as glue, ply, screws, and much more to go. If at all you are stuck and unable to process all the steps mentioned here, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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