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the road movie

The Road Movie – A Film Entirely Made From Dash Cam Footage!

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Ever seen a road accident happening in front of you? I’ll tell you it is scary to see anything like that and mostly it’s because of people’s misunderstandings and stupids things they do while driving like drink and drive, over-speeding, talking on the phone, and many endless reasons. The survey shows Russian roads have experienced the most amount of road accidents ever than any other country.

Russian roads are also named as the roads with worst driving conditions where roads are slippery, covered with ice and the smog that makes it impossible to see the vehicle in front of you. Dmitry Kalashnikov created a documentary on this showing us the footage and recordings of some of the worst accidents ever recorded.

The action in the documentary is all that happened after 2011. It starts by slapping you with recordings after recordings recorded by the dash cams showing the stupidity of some people. This way of showing awareness about accidents is pretty more interesting than just a presentation. It is created in this form so that people may not find this boring and watch the full documentary.

The Road Movie Documentary Trailer:

Speaking of the trailer, usually, when we see any trailer we see selected shots from the film being advertised. That is exactly what you would see in the trailer trucks overturning, it also shows an instance where during a forest fire the vehicle ahead of you isn’t visible, trucks crashing into cars, a man jumping in front of the car and try to break the windshield and women driving is trying to throw him out, cars skitting on roads due to the ice present on the roads and the list continues all this is just in a 2-minute trailer anything that you can imagine can happen on Russian roads.

Accidents always happen because of somebody’s mistake only they are not pre-planned they just happen at the moment and this trailer shows some instances from some videos showing how this all happens.

It is not a normal documentary than any other. It shows all real events happening around there is no actual cast no music no editing that you would find in this documentary just the clips of before and after the accident that is recorded by the Russian dashboard cameras. It does not have any dialogues or anything in that the only voices you will hear in it either the sound of the radio or the music from stereo or it’s the driver talking and nothing else. Even if we don’t understand what are they saying, their emotions are quite noticeable enough for us to understand what is going on.

the road film

This documentary informs the viewers that you should be careful and should be attentive towards the roads while you are driving and should not do anything that distracts the driver. Russian roads are beautiful but they are not as safe as they look. As compared to other countries Russian roads are not safer at all and this is what is the director is trying to convey to the public. I think it’s a great way by spreading awareness about the accidents through a documentary at least some people show interest in this. It’s the best way to deliver the message of following the rules given by the government or whoever is in charge of that particular area like if they say you not to drink and drive then you shouldn’t, if they tell you not to smoke at the gas station then you shouldn’t and should drive within the speed limit given at the side of the roads but still some “smart” chose to do all of this. The people be informed that they are giving an invitation to something really bad by going against the rules. And this is the least anybody can do to spread awareness.

But there aren’t only accidents and near misses shown in the documentary. The director has shown instances of showing some misbehavior by human beings at its peak. Whether it be anger, fear, rage, or arrogance all of it can be seen in the clips in the documentary. One of the clips shows a man jumping onto the hoods of a woman’s car like a zombie and the woman just shouts at him and just begins to drive. Whereas other clips show a woman willing lighting a lighter at the gas station and the after-effects of the act ain’t visible because the dash camera went off as soon as the incident happened.

The quality of some of the clips is bad because they all were recorded after 2011 some of them have been edited to make it clear for the viewers. Sometimes the viewers can understand on their own about what is about to happen. It’s frustrating but sometimes it is quite understandable about what is about to happen based on the content we have been watching. For Example in the clip, it shows that a woman forgets her belongings in her taxi and immediately hops into another one and chases down the taxi and gets her belongings from it and then they don’t show what happens in the end.

There is no point in watching The Road Movie if you do not understand the message the director is trying to give how irresponsible the people in the society have become even after they have been told not to do a particular thing still they will do it knowing that there is a risk of life as well as the life of the people around them. This documentary provides more than enough for your heart to skip a beat now and then at a scene.

road movie


  1. The documentary was directed by Dmitrii Kalashnikov. 
  2. The runtime of the documentary is about 67 minutes.
  3. Produced under the guidance of Volia Chajkouskaya for Volia Films.
  4. Co-produced by Novi Film, Eight and a Half Studio. 
  5. The editing was done by the director itself Dmitrii Kalashnikov. 
  6. The location of all the videos in the documentary were all from Russia. 7. And distributed by Oscilloscope. 

The Road Movie Trailer from DOXA Documentary Film Festival:

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