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viofo a129

Viofo A129 dash cam Review (2021)

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5/5 Rating

“It also offers a continuous upgrade of the firmware as per the suggestions of the customers. In other words, this camera is the best one for those who want to install dual lenses from a reputed brand.”

Quick Overview –

viofo a129 duo

The latest model from Viofo is the next level configuration of their predecessors A119s and A119. Viofo A129 is the first product from the company to enter into the marketplace of dual lenses. This camera gives a premium feel to the users at a minimum budgeted price from the line of Viofo. It is now considered as one of the best models of dashcam packed with features.

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Viofo is one of the leading brands specializing in the camera development and design of the dash cams. With innovative technologies and inspired designs, the company is committed to offering trusted and reliable dash cam at an affordable price. Viofo also has a vast distribution network in various countries like Australia, Poland, Turkey, North America, and the United Kingdom.

A129 is a top bestseller with outstanding, detailed, and colorful videos that any other Viofo cameras model. It also offers a continuous upgrade of the firmware as per the suggestions of the customers. In other words, this camera is the best one for those who want to install dual lenses from a reputed brand.

Key Features:

Viofo A129 Specifications:

Both front and rear cameras record in 1080 pixel resolution in A129. 140-degree wide-angle offers a broader view, in both the channels with 2 inch LCD. F1.6 aperture and 7G lens help to imprison bright colors and precious information. Even the device can accurately record the license plates of the front or back cars. The front camera records at 60 FPS, and if you are using both the cameras together, then it will record at 30 FPS.

This heavy-duty electric scooter has an 800-watt brushless hub motor that can help you power through the streets. The motor on this thing is awesome and allows you to also take on challenging terrains. While this is a very smooth and easy electric scooter to ride, the motor of this electric scooter almost pushes you and challenges you to try out different terrain and even off-road. The 35-degree incline aspect also means that this motor is highly effective when you are on hilly terrain and want to explore your wild side. The motor is reliable and it surely did deliver up to our expectations. 

The Sony STARVIS sensors record clearer and brighter images, even in low light or dark surroundings. They also fit it with the WDR feature to capture HD quality video at night. The supercapacitors of A129 offer stable energy for a long time. Because of this capacitor, the dashcam can operate even in extreme weather of -10 to 65 degrees Celsius.

This Viofo A129 duo applies G and 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi to transmit in 2 different frequencies to prevent wireless interruptions. It promises stable and faster Wi-Fi with blazing speed for transferring all the files. With collision detection, A129 automatically saves 15 seconds of video before and 30 seconds after the accident. The footage gets locked in a secure file, which prevents it from being overwritten.

The external GPS records the route and the speed data in the file of the videos. This allows the user to view the data on playback afterward. The GPS also helps keep the clock of the camera synchronized with its time so that it always corrects time stamps on the videos.

The dashcam is also very easy to install on the back and the front windshield, because of its compact and discreet design implementing the 3M stickers. The plan also makes it almost invisible to notice without blocking the view. We would suggest cleaning the windshield before installing the device.

Further, the A129 dashcam is an excellent camera with an exceptional video and audio quality and offers a lot of features and value for the money.

What is introduced in the box?

The following parts and accessories are included in the package of this Viofo dashcam.

  • Rear and Front camera
  • Cable for the rear camera
  • Car charger cable
  • USB data cable
  • Tool for Trim Removal
  • Clips
  • GPS mount (might be optional)
  • Remote control (also optional)
  • 3M stickers for both front and rear camera (2 extra)
  • Mounting adapter for the rear camera
  • User manual guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, the device is fitted with 1.8 or above firmware that detects buffered parking mode.

The lighter plug in the A129 includes two ports that allow both camera and camera plugged in. It also comes with a hardware kit that can connect the device directly to the fuse box. This leaves the lighter socket to use for other purposes.

The adhesive that is used to mount the A129 camera is durable and durable. Removing the mount from the glass-covered with a tint might cause damage to it. If it has a defogger wire in it, then the tint might further destroy the wires. You can purchase a plastic mount for the back camera separately. We would recommend buying a separate mount and leaving the attached one as it is.

Final Verdict

Well, now that we are at the end of this Viofo A129 review, we can conclude that dash cam comes with all the convenience and simplicity and has raised a bar in the technology. Wi-Fi is also very straightforward to install and use. The dual-channel also offers brilliant video quality that we expect from Viofo.


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