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5 Best Wireless Dash Cams [2021 Reviews & Guide]

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For every adventurous bike lover, the wireless dash cam is the ultimate accessory to make lasting memories of each trip. Imagine going for a long drive and catching some spectacular views on the way, but having no records to share with your friends?

With a Wi-Fi dash cam, you can solve that problem once and for all. But with the number of options flooding the market today, which one should you choose?

It can be a bit of a tasking decision as the cameras do not come for cheap but when you know the requirements you have perfectly well, choosing the best will not be too difficult. 

The features, the build quality, brand reputation and the types of trips you usually undertake, altogether determine the best designs for you. We have listed some of the best Wi-Fi dash cams so you do not have to hunt through the millions of choices all over the internet.

Top 3 Pick For Best Dash Cam With Parking Mode


Rexing V1P

The wireless dash cam is compact and can capture 2160p @24fps videos. Get ultra-wide-angle videos of every trip with this camera.

The design is very discreet, and the camera supports loop recording and has a parking monitor.

It is an adhesive mount which can be a problem in certain weathers.


Thinkware Q800 PRO

This tiny Wi-Fi dash cam is very powerful and one of the best out there with dual STARVIS sensor.

Multi-format recording and cloud storage along with a 16GB SD Card.

It is expensive


Blackvue DR750S-2CH

This has a dual-channel recording on the front and rear end of the camera that lets it perform well even in low light situations.

Can tolerate extreme temperature Easy to install

Nighttime view is not up to the mark.

Benefits of Buying A Wireless Dashcam

  • Discount in insurance premium: Some insurers offer a lower insurance premium once you make them aware that this safety device is installed in your vehicle. So, installing a dashcam is proven to be an advantageous investment in the long run.
  • Provides proof: The video backup in your dashcam is very important data that can be provided as proof in case you went through any accidents. These footages can prove your innocence and can act as evidence in court. Also, in this way issues like over speed driving or drunken driving can be eliminated.
  • Avoid bad drivers: However good your driving is there is always a chance of crossing paths with a bad driver. Even if it is their fault to come randomly in front of your car they will blame it on you. Your dashcam footage will come in handy in these situations, and you can even complain about the drivers’ rash driving.

Product Review: 5 Best Wireless Dash Cams

We have listed some of the best Wireless dash cams to invest in along with their overall performance, pros, cons and specifications to choose wisely:

1.Rexing V1P Pro Dual 1080p Full HD Front and Rear 170 Degree Wide Angle Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam


  • The in-built supercapacitor is the perfect alternative to the lithium-ion battery whenever you need to ride in extreme weather conditions. It ensures there is no overheating of the device.

  • You can view, share and save the videos on the go on your mobile or in the cloud, courtesy of the Wi-Fi connectivity feature. All you need is the relevant app on your mobile.

  • The internal GPS is a great way to track your travel with date, time and speed information as well as the location. You will not need a third-party tracker for this purpose.

  • The 170 Degree ultra-wide-angle lenses let you record spectacular landscape views on both the front and the rear camera.

  • Other features include loop recording, collision detection, parking monitor and more.

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The Rexing V1P Pro Dual 1080p Full HD Front and Rear Camera is one of the best dash cams with the wireless rear camera out there. We tried and tested this for several long trips and the rear camera was a blessing at tight corners and tricky parking areas.

The robust but discreet design also makes it a great choice when you are not too keen to show off that you keep your trips on record. The segmented recording system ensures that you never lose any footage or they do not get corrupted. 

As it is a wireless camera, there is no hassle with wires and USB as you mount the camera on your bike and head out for an adventurous trip.

2. Blackvue DR750S-2CH_16GB_PMP DR750S-2CH with Power Magic Pro Hardwire Kit/2-Channel


  • The Dual STARVIS sensor helps with full HD recording with 60fps for the front camera and 30fps for the rear camera. It also has a high-capacity built-in microphone as well as 128GB Memory card support.

  • You can record the videos in MP4, which universally supports almost all devices and there are also sensors for motion detection in Parking Mode. 

  • The 360-degree rotating Cylinder is a very sleek design that can produce videos with the full HD label. Moreover, you can view the videos on various devices as well as the Blackvue App and MyWay Viewer.

  • There is also built-in GPS, 3-color LED indicator, video out indicator, heat issue resolution that is automated and an option for voice guidance.

  • There is built-in Wi-Fi and the camera’s rear and front ends are both equipped with CMOS Sensors.

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Blackvue is one of the best-known brands for wireless dash cams and the Power Magic Pro Hardwire Kit/2-channel camera met every promise it made. The sleek cylindrical camera could be mounted easily and took some of the best videos I could ever imagine from my trips. Moreover, the option to have a different file format made it much easier to record the videos with better flexibility.

The motion detection and parking mode recording let you have extra security while you ride and ensure that in case of any accidents, you have enough pieces of evidence for insurance claims and police filing. Voice Guide, G-Sensors, motion sensors, MyWay viewers are some of the additional features that you can enjoy when you invest in this dash camera with parking mode.

3. Thinkware F800 PRO 2-Channel Bundle 1080P FHD Wi-Fi Rearview Camera


  • It is a 2-channel wireless dash cam with a front and rear camera and comes with an adhesive mount that is quite secure and strong.
  • It comes with a supercapacitor and high-temperature cut-off which ensures that the camera stays functional and lasts long even with extreme usage.
  • The camera comes with a 32 GB memory card in the package but it can support up to 128GB memory which lets you store even the oldest videos that you cherish.
  • The camera is very lightweight and easily connects with Wi-Fi and cloud storage on the go.
  • The mid-range price with the feature-packed design makes it the perfect value for money device you can get.
  • The cigarette lighter adaptor cable and the hardwiring kit included in the box are all well-built and you need not invest in additional accessories to get the best out of your camera.

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If you are looking for a good wireless dash cam this is definitely one of the most popular choices. Especially those looking for the best parking mode dash cam find this rear-view camera very useful. I was looking for a rear-view camera specifically to avoid parking fiasco at remote and rough terrains and then came across this one. It definitely did not disappoint. The versatility of a rear-view camera, as well as the vlogging camera, made it an instant favourite for me.

The speed camera alert is also very useful especially for those who tend to Overspeed without taking notice of the speedometer. The high-temperature cut-off mechanism works smoothly and is ideal if you are trying to record videos in extreme climates but worried about the damage they will incur.

4. Blackvue DR900S-2CH with 16GB Micro SD Card | Power Magic Pro Hardwiring Kit Included


  • The Improve H.265 Compression codec lets you enjoy the same file size as 1080P@60fps.
  • You also get dual-band in-built Wi-Fi as well as GPS that let you review the videos smoothly even while you are on the road.
  • There is built-in Impact and Motion detection that lock-in events recording.
  • The device is operational over extreme hot or cold temperature which is another plus point for many avid travellers.
  • You get 162-degree ultra-wide-angle recording from this camera which lets you cover a greater area while you are travelling.

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The Blackvue cameras have always been a favourite among bikers and drivers because of their outstanding features and beautiful designs. The Blackvue DR-900S specifically caught my attention for its 4k UHD recording capacity and the sleek tiny design yet, power-packed features.

Though it is quite a bit expensive compared to any camera I used so far, it lives up to any expectations you have, which is why the price tag does not really bother the user. The cloud compatibility of the camera lets you view the videos from anywhere in the world and store them on the go which is very important for those like me who travel a lot.

5. Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K UHD Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam 2.4″ LCD 170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder


  • Get 2160p @24fps video recording with its Ultra HD mode. Moreover, the wide dynamic mode lets the camera perform at its best in any type of lighting situation and produce a very balanced image.
  • You can save, share and view the dash cam video recordings easily with the Wi-Fi connection feature and the related app on the mobile.
  • The Loop recording feature automatically starts overwriting the oldest recordings once the maximum storage capacity is reached so you will not lose half the footage while travelling.
  • The 170 Degree Ultra-Wide-Angle lens generates sweeping footage of the surrounding and covers the maximum area possible.
  • The camera also has gravity sensors and 24 hours parking monitor inbuilt.

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Last but not the least, I had to mention the Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K UHD Wi-Fi dash cam for the widest wide-angle feature and the most low-profile design you can ever expect. When you want the recorder to be discreet and want more candid videos, this is the perfect camera to try out. The very high-resolution videos produced from this wireless dash cam are crystal clear and definitely of professional quality so vloggers will particularly enjoy using this. 

Again, the security features got me hooked as the automatic accident detection and parking monitor have saved me from quite a few tight spots. I have been using this camera for the longest time and hence was quite surprised by the longevity and its sturdy design.

Best Wireless Dash Cam – FAQs

1. What is the best dash cam you can buy?

Some of the Most Popular Dashcam in 2021 Are:

  • Next base 522 GW
  • Garmin Dash Cam 66 W
  • Viofo A129 Pro Duo
  • Garmin Dashcam Tandem
  • Kenwood DRV A601W

2. Does a dash cam record Audio?

Yes, the dashcam records Audio, but it can be against laws. Listening or eavesdropping is considered to be an offendable act and is punishable by law. But this law is implemented in a few states, so it is best to check whether your state allows audition recording in a dashcam.

3. Can Dashcam Footage be Sent to The Police?

Dashcam footage that comes from any type of source can be presented to the police. It can be uploaded to the national portal or you can just show your dash cam clips. The police will check the video and will make a decision based on that.

4. How Long Can a Dash Cam Record For?

A dashcam can continue recording video for up to 6 hours. The footage will be recorded in a loop and the video will be saved on the SD card.

5. Will adding a dashcam to my bike will reduce my insurance?

Some insurers provide lower insurance rates if you attach a dashcam for safety measures. But even if you don’t get any discount on your insurance, a dashcam at least guarantees to protect you from any wrong or false insurance claim.

Best Wireless Dash Cam Buying Guide

Picking a suitable dashcam can be tricky, as there are many different brands available in the market now it is natural to get confused between so many choices.

The Standard Price For a Dash Setup

Setting up a budget before buying the product is important, this way you can filter out the other pricier choices and it is easier to choose. A standard dashcam price ranges from $100 to $400, this price difference depends on the number of camera lenses your camera has. But it is best to choose a dash cam that costs more than $100 as the cheaper products tend to be defective, factory rejects or have poor sensory image.

Battery Life

A perk of buying a dashcam is that the battery doesn’t need to be charged. The battery gets its power when the vehicle engine is on and quickly saves the video file once before the engine is turned off. The battery loses its power once the bike is turned off making it very convenient to use.

Motorcycle Dashcam With Parking Mode

Parking mode is a rear feature of a motorcycle. If a motto cam does have parking mode, it will do two things: motion detection and impact detection. But if the parking mode feature is added to the dashcam an internal battery will be set up to make sure your bike battery doesn’t get drained.

Final Verdict

This is our take on the best wireless dash cams that you can get in 2021. Equipped with the latest technologies, any one of these is good enough to fulfil the dreams of every passionate biker who loves to vlog their journey.

If you choose the camera wisely, it will be the only accessory you ever need to document your journey as well as make your parking smoother and avoid accidents too.

Now that you have the list of the best cameras to invest in, you can easily work out which will suit your requirement the best and invest in what works for you perfectly.

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